Which integrated?

I have sound dynamic 300ti speakers and a vpi turntable. I have the chance to buy a Cayin a50t tube amp or bel canto evo 2c gen ii amp. Which would you go for?
I'd go with tubes over any class T amp like the Bel Canto, assuming the speakers are fairly efficient.

The BOM on the Cayin is probably twice that of the Bel Canto. 
No experience with Bel Canto but I own the Cayin A-50T driving a pair of Nola Boxer S speakers and it is an incredibly satisfying combination, probably the best sound I've had in 50 years of swapping gear, both tubes and SS, some of it considerably more expensive than this combination. The Cayin is a remarkable bargain.
The stock tubes with the Cayin are pretty good, new production Russian Mullards in mine, but I think it's worth the money to switch to Gold Lion KT77s. 
The A50T was “voiced” to emulate the sonics of vintage McIntosh tube gear.  I had one a few years back myself.  Excellent integrated.