which integrated?...

...this question has been asked before, but so what?...lol...i'm looking for a tube/hybrid integrated amp capable of at least 30W/ch, with smooth midrange and tight bass, wide and deep soundstage...price range $2000 (new/used)...other than Pathos One and new Shanling 80 monoblocks (please do comment on these choices as well), what else is there?...thanx
Try the Unison Research Unico. I was impressed with its sound and general quality for the price of $1400 - you might be too. Good luck! Arthur
I finally heard the Unison Research Unico at this past CES and it sounded very nice matched with Triangle Zays[?] speakers. The combo was very lively but a bit thin, but that have been due more to the Triangles than the Unico. You might also consider the Rogue Magnum Tempest.
Disclaimer: I am a Xindak dealer.

Iasi...Make sure to look into the Xindak 6800SE ($1695 retail) or 6900SE ($1995 retail).

You can get more details here:

Both of these units run in pure class A and are the BEST integrated amps I have ever heard. The only one that I have heard that came close was the VAC Avatar Super which is much more expensive and still does not do some things as well as the Xindak units.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Blue Circle BC29 hybrid integrated is 90 watts a channel.
6922 tube preamp stage, with solid state power amp stage.


Unfortunitely a new one may blow your budget.
Audio Aero Prima is a hybrid int at 50 watts. Tube input stage with s.s. output. I am using a Mullard ECC88 tube with a Van den hul ac cord. Works good for me.
In my experience with Unico I fealt that it was not rated conservatively for its power ratings and any tube separates with 45w/ch can outperform it with even tougher speakers than Triangle.

You can go for VTL TT25(25W/ch triode and 45W/ch ultra-linear) monoblocks with McCormack Micro Line drive(or TLC-1) preamp and you're ready to kill giants in this combo.

It's not conserning tube watts v.s. SS watts but rather ratings from different manufacturers.
Stay away from the Pathos. Atleast in my opinion. I've read and heard that the Unison is a great integrated. Anthem makes one as well.
I like the VTL tt25 suggestion, I would also look into the Audiomat line...Arpege and Solfege...very good sounding.
I've owned a VAC Avatar integrated for about a year and a half. Very good sounding w/ stock tubes; NOS tubes can take it to a different level. Plenty of gain/power for most speakers of 87-88 db or greater. With NOS tubes and good ancillary equipment, the VAC in triode has a SEt-like midrange but w/ real authority in the bass dept. Can be taken even further w/ the SE upgrade. While soundstaging isn't my highest priority in itself (soundstaging, resolution, tonal correctness, dynamic contrasts, "PRAT" etc., to me, are all simply part of trying to create the "live" sound) , the Avatar and my Reference 3As can virtually disappear in my room w/ good analog or digital equipment and material. Now that I've begun to get serious w/ my source equipment/cables/tubes etc., I'm amazed each night at how much better all of my LPs & CDs sound. Of course, I'm really reviewing at this point my system as a whole, but the VAC certainly is an integral part of the system. I've owned or listened to a lot of other gear, SS and tube, and the only amps I would have a desire to upgrade to are the VAC Ren. series or Art Audio SET amps. Hope this helps.

BTW, I noticed that my local dealer is selling his demo Avatar at a good price on Audiogon, if you're interested.
Jolida 1501RC, very affordable and sweet sounding and beautiful to look at, with a remote......
I think that the VTL TT25s are a good recommendation (I have a pair also). Use a passive preamp like a Placette (bonus remote ability) and you should have some extra money left over. Use it to buy short Coincident speaker cables and interconnects.