Which Int. Amp with Spendor 3se Cyrus Linn MF AVI

My Linn Majik sounds pretty good with the wonderful Spendor 3Se but wondering if I could do better. Maybe I can't do better. Have been looking at:

Musical Fidelity X-150
Musical Fidelity X-Pre v3/X-P200 Combo
Cyrus 8vs
Cyrus 6vs
AVI S21MI Intergrated Amp (might be out of my budget)
Meridian Integrated

Looking at smaller equipment because I'm trying to fit everything into a small Q4? Quadrispire stand.

Associated Equipment: Linn Majik, MF X-DAC v3, MF-PSU, AE streaming lossless music, Linn Silver IC, Linn K400 speakerwire.

Also, might use Kimber Silverstreak and 8TC with the MF equipment. Not sure what I would use with the Cyrus.

I appreciate any help, Adam
Me thinks u have forgotten one very good mate to the Spendor-try a Naim integrated.
Decided on a Musical Fidelity X-150 and I'm quite happy. See my other posts under Virtual Systems - Budget. Hope I don't regret going the Naim route. Thanks, Adam

Congrats on choosing the MF. I'm sure you'll like it. I'm an MF owner as well. But I've heard the AVI and was extremely impressed. A superb value for an amp.
Thanks for posting to my thread. I wanted to hear that AVI amp in Austin but the guy was closed last time I was down there. There is one used on Audiogon now. I'm tempted but it's probably overkill with Spendor S3e's... maybe not :)
I would strongly recommend getting down to Austin when the guy is open. That's a superb integrated amp with both a lot of power and finesse. I'm sure you'll like it alot.
I use it with 3/5se. Used to have a Majik which is a nice amp, but the Cyrus is a whole different level. More detailed, "tighter" sound without being harsh.