Which input phono or other?

I just obtained a Denon 3805 from Audiogon (thanks Dayrl). Should I input my phono amp (pro-ject box se)into the phono input which is a MM type. My cart is a MC sumiko blue point#2. I emailed denon and it sounds like they think I should use the phono input. Anyone have any info or advise on this?

Thanks Thegreenline
Your Project should be connected to one of the line level inputs.It already takes care of bringing the signal from the cartridge to proper line level plus RIAA EQ.Connecting to the phono input could damage your amp and speakers if you inadvertantly turned up the level too much.DON'T!!!
You need a line input! Your Project Phono Box is a full-fledged MC phono stage, never feed its output signal into another phono input, be it MM or MC. Denon deserve to be flogged if they suggest otherwise.