Which i/c Harmonix 101GP or Silversmith.

I am just finishing of my system and am looking for advice on i/c.My system is Accustic Arts drive.Harmonix Reiymo dac.
Wyetech Jade preamp,Air Tight ATM 3 monos.Avalon Arcus speakers.I use Harmonix studio master power cords.I am upgrading from the Pure Note Epsilon i/c and am looking for
some recomendations.Any help on the Harmonix or Silversmith
or any other ideas.Regards Steve
I use the Harmonix Golden Performance ICs. Drop dead amazing. Bought them after the raves of a Golden earred buddy of mine, who traded in ALL his Nordost Valhallas, ICs and power cords for Harmonix. That was motivation, enough for me to go for them. Absolutely amazing. I'm off to Florida for a few days, so don't think me rude for not returning any questions 'til Monday.. I'll be thinking of all of you audiophools while I'm on the beach...yeh, right? lol...peace, warren
I don't have a cable recommendation, I just wanted to say that sounds like a great system and I encourage you to post some pics soon. Well done!
I have not heard the Harmonix but I have both Silversmith and Nordost Valhalla in my system. Silversmith is an outstanding cable. At less than 1/2 the price of Valhalla it is very close, with Silversmith a bit warmer with more body, very liquid, while Valhalla faster with more detail, slightly better transparency. Hope this helps.

I have the Silversmith IC and speaker cables and love them. I think the speaker cables are especially excellent(love the design without connectors of any kind). Why don't you consider both: a Harmonix IC and a Silversmith speaker cable. Enjoy listening.