I am just looking for some input on a new ht processor. I started with the marantz 7704. I currently have a 5.1.4 for atmos with that system. I am using the same room for ht and two channel but did also recently get the mcintosh c2600 for two channel and am loving it. I have tried hooking up a spdif cable from the xbox for 4k movies  to the 2600 and just with two speakers the clarity kills the marantz. Just looking for that same clarity for ht processor. I was thinking the mcintosh mx122 but alot of people say just go with the marantz 8805. I don't think I need the mx160 since i have two channel covered. I also see the emotiva rmc 1 and it has some interesting features but no reviews since it is so new. Any input would be much appreciated.

My startup system consists of bw 804 d3's ( I do see where people say they are a little bright but so far I am enjoying them:) Marantz 7704, McIntosh mc207, bw 805d3 and htm1d3 for movies, fathom 212 that I turn up for movies and back down for music, source as described above and audio technical at lp5 ( I know it is a cheaper one but wasn't sure how much vinyl I would listen to but I am impressed with the quality of the new vinyl and sound I am currently getting compared to digital) -room 13 x 15 no acoustic treatments yet. I have also added some jbl 1400 arrays with the mcintosh c2600 and two rogue mono tube amps and am very happy with the results.

 I believe you are right with the ht bypass. I should have been more clear. I currently have the two channel set up in another room and tested the McIntosh with a 4k movie with just the jbl's and there was much more detail. I am going to be incorporating the two rooms so I don't have to go between. I am eventually going to taking one of the systems to my vacation home to set up. So that is why I am getting another but going to keep the 7704 for the other setup. If that makes sense:)

I am going to be doing some more testing with my current equipment to be sure of what I am looking for.

Thanks for your advice.
HT bypass input circuitry is analog and it will bypass everything in the stereo preamp including the volume control, DAC if your preamp has one, so the analog signal from your Marantz HT processor will be directed straight out to the power amp. 
Bryston sp3 with a 4k video board would be my choice.  Or talk to a dealer to see how close to $10k you can get an sp4.