Which Hootie and the Blowfish album to buy ?

On a recent post Tsunami trip to Thailand acquired a Greatest Hits album. Liked the music though the audio quality sucks. Could be pirated. If there was one Hootie album to buy which one should it be?
Many thanks
Sunnyboy 1956
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"Cracked Rear View Mirror" is their best, I couldn't get into "Fairweather Johnson". A very talented band and the guys are golf fanatics, what's not to like? Enjoy the music, Jeff
I agree with Hack, although, I believe that album was simply titled "Cracked Rear View"
Buy both of the two mentioned. Both cds have good sonics!
Many thanks have ordered both from amazon.
Happy listening.
I think you can get the full collection with the purchase of a Whopper (or is it a tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch?).
Ever since that Burger King commercial, I will not be listnening to old Hootie anytime soon. Pathetic! The things people will do for the almighty dollar!

>>"Which Hootie and the Blowfish album to buy ?"

I'll field this one...

none of them.