Which Home Theater speakers for under $28,000.

I am looking for a 7.1 HT system including equipment for a 3,000 cu. ft. dedicated Home Theater & music room. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

Let me explain why I did this;

1. Theater requires a specific set of parameters to work properly (many early posts ignore this), the studios mix to this standard, why not conform to that standard just to make life easier? If you want to use an all dipole system with limited output than be man enough to face the criticism when you proudly tell someone to spend their hard earned money setting up their system the wrong way! And please try not to regurgitate the BS marketing as a defense, get your own ideas.

FYI Bignerd, its 7 seemless front fired waves, 7 rear fired waves (are all your speakers the same distance from the wall), what the frequency response of your drywall? So now I have 14 speakers don't I?, which was my point, but the brochure didn't bother to explain this phenomena to you or that your precious seemless panel will arc somewhere in the 106dB range.

Just go to dolby and look at the standard.

2. You guys are remarkably in sync with popular audio magazines and reviews, Magnepan, I've got atleast three 20.1 owner complaining about their midbass and bass output on MUSIC, JAZZ noless! Let alone theater. Vandersteen and Wilson number 1 and 2 theaters, see what 20 years of advertising will get you. ( although the Vandersteen still deserves most of the accolades). Look at your rec's all popular brands thank god people like Flrnlamb and RL chimed in with some stellar recs.

3. I wanted to see if you all would re-evaluate some of your pathetic recommendations, but you're all too proud and all to willing to try to discredit me(it is fun I know). Fact is maybe Flrnlamb is near my league in systems installed but with 6 stores I have to think installing systems is a distant past in his job requirements. Over 600 systems and my clients, they love me for all the reasons you hate me.

My post was about honesty and many of you have failed. My greatest critics are the ones who would simply say to Electrostaitcman what I bought is perfect for you. And now you know atleast one of us on this thread is laughing at that level of arrogance.

Even Chadnliz wouldn't fess up to the fact that the ET system max output is barely 10dB above Dolby calibration at 3M's! That's like 8dB of dynamic range for the system!

Bose Lifestyle system may not sound as good but its got more dynamic range than that!

If you didn't understand the important information in my first post, I'm sorry, but there is some good stuff there and the fact you disagree with the facts of those comments, not my problem.

Macdadtexas I am not a liar, infact based on your enthusiasm I went to hear a Magnaplanar surround system based on MG3.6's and whatever the matching stuff is. It was ok. I worked for Sound Images for two years in Falls Church, VA. Look it up they are a Gallo dealer. When Gallo makes better sounding speakers than I do, I'll start paying more attention.

I love messing with you guys...:)
You can see how people's opinions/tastes vary. I totally respect others opinions on gear selection, and everyone's taste. That's a good reason most everyone ownes different gear!...including the professional reviewers.
I've been around high end biz for almost 23 years, and it's all stuff, it's all for sale, and everyone likes something different, not to mention lifestyles.
That all said, I know the Vandersteen's sold like millions of their 2c's alone! I also know Meridian pre's are highly talked about and such. But then, I've worked in 6 high end stores over the years, and probably have known a 100 or more audiophiles personally that I've worked with/around...and none of them own Vandersteen or Meridian, nor would they ever, including me. I also understand B&W makes some nice stuff, yet I'm not intersted personally, and I've sold it in 2 different stores...just not for me, but maybe you?
I can get most any audio product for cost or bellow, and I still know what works right for movies. Music, you have choices, depending on room/setup/lifestyle/syset matching, etc. Multi-channel effective movie speaker systems need to work well in your room/setup, and be effective at delivering the dynamics, intelligibility, focus, soundstage, coherence, and detail that was intended in the mixing process. Many audiphile home offerings can't do justice to what mixing engineers of DD/DTS soundtracks intended. If you think not, just go to any good local cineplex, or even Vegas IMAX ride/experience, and see what they're using to deliver these muli-channel experiences to you, and you'll understand what works best for movies in the home...or at least what is to be accomplished. You cannot substite the speakers these venues choose for, say, some "Vandee's", B&W's, or even Logan's and such. They don't work. Anyway, even in a smaller home setting, the same attributes must be considered to get the job done. I just think the dainty audiophile offerings mostly mis the target...chose wisely.
Agree with Artizen65 on the B&W system. As an owner of several different B&W speakers, I like them for their accuracy, which is important in home theater. That said, I gave up trying to set up a combination HT and two channel music system because there are two many compromises. And I use the home theater much less than the two channel, which I listen to most every day. Further, with separate systems there is no fight for the two channel system, as my daughter can watch on the surround sound system while I enjoy my music in another room.
My response to Douglas_schroeder: Let me first say, I appreciate your imput.

To answere some of your questions; I plan on using a projector-considering a sony Qualia-004 and a perferated 100" fixed screen. My consultant planned on placing the r/l/c speakers behind the screen (depth 24") and the equipment along one side adjacent the screen. The other niche adjacent the screen for storage (no wire). The projector will be mounted on the ceiling (10ft.champered to 8ft.)and one row of seating approximately 14ft to 15ft from screen. The thought was on or in-wall surround speakers for a 7.1 HT system. I feared my kids ages 9 and 13 years my damage free standing speakers (probably not but the wife may have something to say about free standing speakers in her space).

I am looking for the excitement of theater and the enjoyment of DVD consert music. I am considering a second listnig room on the main floor, but I pre-wired the space for ceiling mounted in-wall speakers in our great room where a plazma may hang above the fireplace. There is space on one side of the fireplace but the other encroches on a large window and I would have to convince the wife. She already cheered when I sold off my two channel ML Prodigy speakers and equipment which were in an identicle room in our last home. She gave in for the kids and I to have the home theater so besides budget I will have to sell her on the idea again. The budget is always a factor especially with the 3-chip projector. I want the best of all worlds (as we all do), great projection with no artifacts, exciting surround sound and clear pure sound on a budget of 45,000 may be a stretch. Also we pre-wired for full house sound/using "zon" controlers.
Not to argue; it seems Cenematic _systems has his stats down on decibels, etc. Just an observation; as an Eminent Technology LFT-8A owner (running them "stacked" or double pairs for mains, assisted in low end by dual Vandersteen 2W subs), it seems amazing to me to hear comments about them not having great dynamic range. Are we simply talking sheer loudness per watt here? Or, if it means they can't go lower, then stick a sub in with them!
I would appreciate hearing more about this; I plead ignorance on it. It seems counterintuitive to me that a speaker (LFT-8) which receives rave reviews from HiFi+ Magazine wouldn't be as suitable for HT applications as JBL or Klipsch. So, are we saying that a speaker that has more extreme range of decibels from whisper to BOOM is better? Hmmm, I'd rather have a speaker that reproduces voice and istruments in an uncannily natural way, then send them an audio signal from a video source...
Again, not to be cantankerous, but is "dynamic range" even a real world concern? To the average guy setting up his HT, is he going to lay awake at night thinking, "Man, I have to find some way to increase the dynamic range of my system..." An audiophile speaker is going to sound better regardless of what you have it play. So, if Definitive Tech or JBL has better dynamic range, I'm more inclined to use it for HT application? I don't think so. Maybe JBL or Klipsch has dynamic range on the Eminents. That's all they've got. You could't pay me enough to have me switch out for them.
I'm sure there's thousands of happy people out there with great sounding home theater and crappy two chanel, all in one system!
So, Electrostatman, which is it, primarily HT or two chanel? That will determine everything.