which Holly Cole?

a good friend of mine has recommended Holly Cole & I've seen her name mentioned here often, so which disc do you all recommend?
"Dark Dear Heart" is by far my favorite, as well as that of several friends.
Temptation. Without a doubt; the best. I have all her stuff. Mediocre at best, but his one soars. All Tom Waits songs. A bass line that can't be beat. If you have a sub, this cd will do it.
My favorite is "Don't Smoke in Bed".
My favorite is "Don't Smoke in Bed".
I also recommend "Don't Smoke in Bed" as well as "Girl Talk". While I have all of her discs, I find myself listening to the earlier ones the most.
All of them.
1. Don't Smoke in Bed

2. Temptation (songs of Tom Waits)

3. Dark Dear Heart
She can be a strange one. "Don't Smoke in Bed" is consistent and very good.
My first album was Temptation, which as you can see I loved. She never has to really extend her voice, thank god. This album suites her voice. The other albums, when she has a delicate number she's good, but when she lets loose-forget it. Her voice in the upper region is just not happening. Temptation was a wonderful, sophisticated, bunch of songs and singing. Her other stuff, I feel was just fair. Obviously, nobody here agrees with me. What can I say? Madeleine Peyroux, Norah Jones, Rickie Lee Jones (Pop Pop-wow, that's an album of killer singing) Patrica Barber, to name a small few. Now this is some singing. If Holly finds some good material, she'll be ok, but her choices (QUE SERA SERA) give me a break. Doris Day will roll over in her grave. Oops, I believe she's alive. Anyway I'm out to lunch with this thread. There's not much to say about her, cause there's not much going on. Sorry for rambling on like this. good night.
Temptation is my favorite, but if you are not familiar with Waits, you may find it to be a little out there. Sonics are outstanding. Great bass, awesome vocals. Dark Dear Heart is almost as good soundwise and the songs are more mainstream. Holly is one of my favorites. Give her a spin.
don't smoke in bed CD
temptation LP