Which higher end HDMI cable for new OLED TV?

I'm wanting to upgrade HDMI cables for a new SONY OLED TV. Does anyone have experience with any in the $150-$250 range from the likes of VooDoo and DH Labs (SilverSonic) vs the typical offerings from AudioQuest? Interested in video and audio qualities both.


After testing just about every type/brand of HDMI cable available, these are my recommendations:

1. best bang for the buck - cryo-treated Neotech NEHH-4200 HDMI 1.4 cable from Audio Sensibility in Canada

2. step up - used Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2  or the regular Starlight 5.2 or 6 cables.  These were the best cables before Wireworld started with their DNA Helix design which does not give you as good of performance.  NOTE: the Cardas HDMI and Kimber HD29 cables are likely to perform similar (although the HD29 does not support ARC audio return channel).

3. major step up - Nordost Heimdall 2.  Much more expensive than your budget, but the best in video quality as well as audio quality.

Runner Up:  Pangea HD23 SE hdmi cables are very good for the money and have a smooth clean sound that can help compensate for audio systems that sound too bright/harsh.

I was disappointed with Audioquest HDMI cables.

Get the new DH Labs hdmi 2.1 and be set for the future and enjoy incredible sound and video now. I upgrade from the Silver Sonic last month on my Sony 940e and am highly impressed !