Which higher end HDMI cable for new OLED TV?

I'm wanting to upgrade HDMI cables for a new SONY OLED TV. Does anyone have experience with any in the $150-$250 range from the likes of VooDoo and DH Labs (SilverSonic) vs the typical offerings from AudioQuest? Interested in video and audio qualities both.

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+1 for MONOPRICE and a couple of like peers.

i have the brand new SONY XR OLED A80J .

All the AQ and similar brand name $$$ ones are no better….save your money, (Pro tip: these are video cables that do Not have any bespoke video signature,  unlike a bespoke audio signature in analog ICs / speaker / power)

An expensive HDMI doesn’t produce richer colors or crisper sound than cheaper versions. However, an HDMI cable made with better materials can be more durable, and support higher bandwidth at longer distances, but it won’t offer any difference with the picture quality.

With any resolution, keep in mind that if you’re getting a 4K signal, it’s not possible for a different cable to make that 4K look better. The only differences in cables is one will allow you to get a stable, 4K image, and another one won’t.


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Monoprice and the like are all you'll need. Spending more $$$ gets you zero benefit!

Monoprice are ok, but I prefer Audioquest, and they are selling at discount prices right now. I use the cinnamon which are 29.95 instead of 79.95 right now. Monoprice cables are very thick, heavy and can loosen.


Zeskit is officially certified by HDMI.Org as Ultra High Speed cable and it has the certified label on the box.

These were recommended to me simply because

(1) these are the ones that the reviewers use in their OLED shootouts on YouTube and the magazines, AND they are one of the two as a preferred choice for my new top-end SONY OLED.

(2) None of the $$$$ brands that also make audio cables performed any better in the HDMI.Org certification . Here’s the deal: expensive HDMI cables offer no difference in picture quality over cheap HDMI cables that are well-built. . CNET has mentioned this before, but here’s the science of why. The first thing to understand is what’s transmitted over the cable in the first place.


- the ZESKIT MAYA are a fraction of the price.

- They have fine connectors and

- they are very flexible cables.

(2) the ZESKITS are specifically branded as UHD certified with the certification label on the box. There is only the one UHD certification …period.

Pre-2021, AQ marketed claims that they still had the “best” as such and still were the Holy Grail. That sheer folly run at premium pricing is now over as equally good peers at a fraction of the AQ price, have now taken over the pro and retail markets.

There is no need to listen to any cable marketing puffery anymore, so save your shekels for something that works. My TV dealer wanted to upsell me on his AQ HDMI cables, but thankfully a pro tech quietly referred me to ZESKIT as the distinct pro choice AND the reviewers distinct choice ….. and at a big saving …. A double win.


Try the Mapleshade Vivlink 3 HDMI (Plus version)

You will notice a difference.

I have had all 3 versions, And Nordost Blue Heaven, various Wireworld and Audioquest. e.t.c

Some so called high end HDMI cables were even worse than entry level Bluejeans, such as the Chord Cable company HDMI (UK).

But IMO this latest Mapleshade version is the best, especially the construction which is far superior to v1 and v2.

RIP the designer, legendary Pierre Sprey.

For your new SONY UHD OLED, you will need to get a proper 4K spec UHD CERTIFIED ULTRA HI-SPEED HDMI cable.

Here is what you need know to identify it as meeting the standard

If it doesn’t have the authorized QR code and the certified label on the box, it doesn’t cut it, and is a bona fide inferior non-UHD product…. full stop.



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