Which High Output Moving Coil Cartridge

My system consists of Quad 988 speakers, Thor Audio TPA 150
monoblock tubed amplifiers, TPA 200 preamp with phono set for moving coil, Cary Cd 306/200 player which is used as a transport along with the Thor DC1000 DAC. My turntable is a
VPI Scout along with the supplied HW-9 tonearm and a low output Dynavector 17D2 moving coil. I am planning to upgrade my table. First of all in order to get the same gain as with a cd I have to turn my preamp up substantially
I have been recommended to purchase the VPI Scoutmaster as it uses the same footprint as the Scout but has been improved. I wish to use a Rega RB-300 or RB 600 tonearm.
The question is which moving coil cartridge to go with this set up in the $1000.00 to $2000.00 retail price range?
The 17D2 has a very low output of 0.23mV. In your price range, I'd recommend the Lyra Helikon, with an output voltage of 0.5mV, it will more than double your output. Thereby making life easier on your phono stage, and real easy to listen to also. YMMV.

Speaking in general terms, no high output MC (meaning 2mv or above) is going to compare with an MC in the .5mv or below range. Going to a HOMC would be a sonic downgrade.

You'd be better off doing what Jmcgrogan2 suggested, and/or adding a stepup transformer to give you the gain your phono stage needs.