Which high end DVD-A would you recommend.

I have found DVD compatible DVD -A and DTS recording to be by far superior to my SACD set up.However some DVD-A recordings are only compatible w/DVD-A players.Are there any which are truly good in all aspects,ie red book cd and good Video.My present DVD player is EAD theatre vision P, which I find to be a very good cd player.My SACD player is Sony ES XA-777, very good cd player. The system is fed through a Meridian 568 powered by Gryphon Amps and a 5 speaker system of JM Utopias.The lack of five channel inputs to the meridian processor is a BIG problem,and thus the problem with which DVD A player would be the best match.Would greatly appreciate any inputs.
I'm a little confused about your question and problem. The Meridian 568 has 4 digital coax inputs and 1 digital optical input, but these are provided for use with different digital sources. For dts, ac3, cd, and some 2-channel 96khz audio inputs to the meridian from your player, you only need 1 of the spdif (coax) lines. The Meridian processor is not set up to take 5 or 6 channels of dvd-audio digital input (meaning fully decoded mlp with 5 or 6 discrete digital output channels) because that requires both encryption and a 1394 or proprietary digital interface (such as that on the Meridian 800 series).
If you are looking for a dvd-audio player that provides 6 channels of digital output for dvd-a, the only current ones are the Meridian 800 and a player/processor that Pioneer is coming out with in the fall (DV47AI) - hope I haven't missed any others. Otherwise, you will need to settle for analog outputs with dvd-audio, until more equipment comes out with the 1394 interface.
Flex;Thanks for your input.The only other potential choice are with the new EAD surround and DVD-A player,but I am wary of switching from meridian to EAD.Does any one has a recommendation.
Meridian is coming out with a new dvd-a player reportedly at about $5000 in a few months. I doubt that it will have digitial outs for dvd-a (?) but it's worth checking out when it appears.
There are two ways to go with the Meridian 568 which I also use and I have explored the ways to add dvd-audio and sacd. One is to wait for the meridian modifications to the 568 expected later this year which will allow users to connect the meridian dvd-audio players, or buy the sony TAP 90000 es preamplifier that will allow you to run dvd-audio analog outputs directly through the sony, and you can still use the meridian 568, by running it through the sony bypass connections. The beset dvd-audio player to buy is the Pioneer D-47 and have it modified by Modwright
Mig007 siad, "The beset dvd-audio player to buy is the Pioneer D-47 and have it modified by Modwright". How does this modified player do as an SACD player? Once modified, is it comparable to the Sony XA777ES? Better?