Which headphones??

Okay, so I'm now leaning towards getting a nice headphone set-up. I am thinking that I'll probably get a couple pairs of headphones when It's all said and done because there just seems to be benefits and negatives about different designs.

Initially, I'd just like to use the headphone amp in my z dac. I am looking at a pair of sennheiser hd 598 new in box for $200 on c-list. These cans seem to get good reviews but I figure I'll want something with a closed design later on so that I can block out exterior sounds also.

I really want something with a great soundstage and imaging, I want it to sound as good as my stereo system, or close to it!

Thanks for your help with this one!!
Head fi org is laid out so terrible that I can't even stand to be on that site. They really need to take a look at audiogon.

Anyways, thats why I'm coming back here, besides, I think that you guys know about some good sounding headphones. Soooo, I' thinking that I'm going to need to spend a good chunk of change now in order to get a headphone rig that I can actually get excited about listening to like my 2 channel rig. I'm starting to think about a pair of Audeze LCD2 with possibly a schitt lyr headphone amp and possibly a bifrost dac. What do you guys think? I'm not really interested in dropping $100 through the cable company to just audition this set-up so I'd like to get your input.

Thanks guys!
Audeze is good pick when you don't know about options for less money that will perform same or even better.

Check out the link bellow and check out all the options Drew offers through his website. He's A+ dealer.

I also disclaim to have no profit interest offering the link bellow.

The most popular and best selling headphone's during the 1970's were the Koss PRO4AAA's. Koss in recent years has resurrected the PRO4AAA due to demand. They are addictive. Very rich, lush, smooth organic character. Ever time I used them in the late 70's I did not want to take them off.
They have that magical quality that transports you into a very musical world. You can buy direct from Koss for $100.00.
I am using AKG 701s (~$250) with an Music Hall amp ($400 retail). Great sound for the $$$. The MH amp is a hybrid design, has 2 inputs, 2 headphone outputs, and can serve as a preamp.