Which headphones & headphone amp combo?

Looking for a good a good pair of headphones & headphone amp combo recommendations. Unfortunately, dealers in my local area do not have anything to demo so i have to relay on reviews. I have a Naim cd-5i italic and was considering the Naim headline2 amp with a pair of Grado's, either the RS-1 or GS 1000. The other combo is Musical Fidelity X Can v8 with the AKG K701. Any input on these combo's is appreciated along with other pairings. Thanks
Why do you need a combo? It's like insisting on buying a pair of speakers and power amp combo...doesn't make sense. Find a pair of headphones you like, then find an amp to power them with. Personally, I like AKG's.
The Grado gs-1000's are the nicest headphones I have owned, and they like tubes. The k701's are nice too but a bit dry in comparison to the Grado's imo.
Thanks for the input.