Which headphones are comfortable?

I'm looking for a replacement pair of headphones and comfort is a major concern. What model in $100 to $200 price range offers long term comfort along with good sound? Thanks.
Sennheiser 600 is your headphone, though you do need an amp with it. Could go senn 580 + amp too to save some $$
I second the Sennheiser's. Go with the 580.
Another vote for Senns HD 600's.
AKG K240 would beat Senns 580. They only require stronger amplification I believe(120Ohms).
AKG 501 even better and very comfortable.
I've owned them all- there are many that sound good, but Sennheiser is the keeper for comfort. HD600s can be had all day long $175-$200. I agree, an amp is critical to get the most out of them. Another $100-$200 will get you a nice Creek, Musical Fidelity, Headroom or JMT amp. Upgraded power supplies for amps go a long way. There are a few integrateds that have decent headphone sections- try first. Upgraded cable from Cardas is nice but stock doesn't suck. Happy listening.
Good suggestions all. I have the Senn's HD 600s with a Corda HA-1 MKII (headphone amplifier) for a total cost of about $550 new. Very comfortable and damn inexpensive compared to a speaker system of comparable quality!

This headphone junkie has been all over the place with so many models..I keep coming back to the Sennheisers. I have the 650's again, but the whole damn line is hard to beat for comfort, sound and everything else! What an exceptional phone and company!!
I listen to Grado sr-125s for 4-5 hours a day at work through my ipod, I have found them to surpass my expectations for comfort and sonics.
Sennheiser - nothing else will do!
Sennheiser 600's. I used to have some really nice ByerDynamics but they were just uncomfortable so I never listened to them. The Sennheisers not only sound incredible, but they are very comfy..

Sennheiser and tubes are a good substitute for sleeping pills.

I'm kidding (sort of) I have Senn 600 - and Grado RS-1. I have tube amp with Senns (ASL MGhead) and RA-1 for Grado. I read all the hype about the Senns and they sound great for classical. I like the Grado for rock and jazz (actually Senns are good for jazz also). The Grado's are just more musical and toe tapping. They both have a place in my system depending on the music. I would miss either one if they were gone.

Oh, comfort... ummm the Senns are much more comfortable.

Don't even try the in ear canal phones - I have the Shure E3 and I'd rather stick an icepick in my ear.
Thanks for all the info. The Sennheiser 580s and Grado SR-125s were topping my list and this info reinforces my thoughts.
Grado sr-125s...when of the best hifi purchases I have ever made....great sound,build, and comfort...I listened to these for hours on end with no listening fatigue, discomfort,etc...
Everyone's ears and heads are little different so it difficult to say which headphones are most comfortable. If you like the sound of the Grado's but don't like their earpads (I don't) they make a more comfortable pad that is is usually only offered on the SR-60, but is sold separately. You can cut a small hole in the center of the pad if you think it muddies up the sound.