Which headphone sound good using the Creek 5350 SE headphone jack

Most of my headphone listening is working out or travelling.  So I don't have great headphones.  With Covid 19 and my wife and I both working from home; I miss my louder music breaks... so it's time to take the plunge. I tried a pair of Grado's 100s and they sounded bad. Not sure of the specs on them.  I've heard the headphone jack on the creek is high impedance- so mb a bad match.  Any thoughts?  I have my eye on a pair of Sennhauser HD650s, wish i could demo them with my Creek before I buy.
I became curious and looked it up, the Creek 5350 seems like a pretty decent offering.  Unfortunately it has a small footprint on the internet.

Grado doesn't currently have any cabled  models with 100 in the model number.  They made a SR100 back in the 90's, is that what you tried?

Anyway, the only hint I could find was here: 


One poster loved the headphone match with the Sennheiser HD650, or did you see that already?  Anyway, hope this helps.  
My experience with Sennheiser is HD 600-650 lacking in detail.
For Sennheiser start at least HD 700 and HD 800S is less than$1800 new.
My Schiit Gear is relatively powerful and made a difference with HD 700.
Also IEM sound is really nice and may be better suited for travel.
Although high priced.
Something to look into.
What's your budget?  If you're thinking about getting the HD650s, the HD6XX from Drop are pretty much the same thing and only $200 last time I checked.  I would disagree that they lack detail (I also own HD800).  They are a little "warm", which to me makes them easier to listen to than the HD800 in some ways, but have plenty of detail, not to mention they are super comfortable and pretty easy to drive.  If your budget is higher, I think the Drop Focal Elex is a great bargain at its price.  More detail, more dynamic, but also fairly easy to listen to.
If your source is digital, the Ayre Codex is outstanding.

If you want to keep your budget low, consider a Project headphone amp as a decent upgrade.
What sound characteristics are most important to you in headphone listening?
My budget is about $500.  I think I would like to err on the warm side with headphones to avoid ear fatigue. 
  Thanks for the links, sounds like one person really liked the HD 650s with their Creek.  I think I will check out the Massdrop.  $200 is hard to beat.
thanks everyone, appreciate your input!

ONE MORE QUESTION: The Mass drop headphones have the option of a extra  TRRS Balanced 2.5mm Headphone Cable for a little more. Is this necessary?