Which HDMI for audio

Which HDMI cable do you recommend between dac and transport?
Nordost Heimdall 2 HDMI.  But make sure to get 2 meter (1 meter will not be as good).  Or, if you have really deep pockets, Nordost Valhalla HDMI.
@auxinput .. That Heimdall 2 is costing an arm and a leg. Nordost sounds amazing with Gryphon, but why do you think it's the best option for Nuprime?
Please level!
In the last year, I ran through a whole bunch of HDMI cable tests for bluray.  My tests covered both audio and video quality.  The Nordost HDMI came out to be the absolute best (I did not have the budget for Valhalla).  Only the older Wire World Starlight 5-2 came close.  None of the newer Wire World cables did well (especially the DNA Helix design).  I was extremely dissapointed with Audioquest Vodka (which makes sense since it uses very small 30 awg conductors).  The one cable that really impressed me for a low cost was the cryo-treated Neotech NEHH-4200 hdmi cable available from Audio Sensibility in Canada.  At 2 meters, it only costs $89 USD.
Oh, if you want to keep the cable pure copper, you can try the Purist Audio Design.  Uses 24awg solid-core long grain copper conductors.  Very full and natural sound, but it is slightly warm and does not have the attack/immediacy of the silver-plated cables above.  It's relatively cheap at $215 (retail) for 6 feet.  Just depends on what kind of sound you want.
for comparison:

Nordost Heimdall 2 - 25awg solid-core silver plated 99.9999 OFC with micro-monofilament wrapping (provides more air around conductor and reduces dialectric absorption of the insulation).

Wire World 5-2 - 24awg solid-core silver-clad (heavy) OFC

Wire World Silver Starlight 6/7 -  2 x 26 awg solid-core silver-clad (heavy) OFC conductors per signal pin. This actually causes small errors in timing because the conductors are twisted and non-equal lengths.  That's why I do not recommend DNA Helix design for any digital cables.

Neotech NEHH-4200 - 26awg solid-core silver-plated OFC

Audioquest Vodka - 30awg solid-core silver-clad (heavy) PSC

Purist Audio Design - 24awg solid-core long grain copper  (better than OFC).  NO SILVER
@auxinput  That helps! Thanks. 

Are the Purist and the Neotech certified for ARC / eARC?
The Neotech page says it supports ethernet channel, but I don't know about the Purist.  You can email them.  They are very responsive.