Which HDMI cable for SACDs

I tried to find this in previous threads but couldn't. I need a recommendation for a 1' long HDMI cable to be used strictly for playing multi-channel SACDs to achieve optimum sound. It is to interconnect my SACD multi-channel player to my surround sound processor. Not to be used for video at all but 100% audio. Any suggestions? I've been looking at AQ Cinnamon, Blue Jeans, Monster, etc. Thanks.
I'd go with a MonoPrice Premium HDMI cable. It'll pass all the bits correctly and probably cost you less than $10 delivered to your door...


I second Monoprice. There is no need to pay more.
I third the Monoprice.
I use a 4 meter Emotiva, very high quality, low price.
Thanks everyone. The Monoprice cables seem almost too inexpensive but I guess for an audio signal at this short length, there is no benefit going with a more expensive cable. Some cable manufacturers claim that by adding a percentage of silver or making the cable directional, there is considerable improvement. I am assuming then that this plethora of higher end more expensive HDMI cables on the market are really designed mostly for video, deep colors, speed, etc. Is that correct?

Schubert, thanks for the Emotiva suggestion. However, a 4 meter cable is way too long I am already using a decent Sony HDMI but it's 2 meters long. I really only need about a 2' length or 1 meter max. THANKS.
Emotiva makes them in all lengnths, Video is MUCH better than cheapies, sound will be as well.