which have forward sound? Wadia,cd50,BAT

I am thinking about buying either a Wadia 850, Resolution Audio cd50, or a BAT vkd5. I prefer a "forward" sounding (not polite) cd player. Can anyone tell me which of these are forward sounding and in what order of "forwardness" would you rank each of them.. Thanks in advance..
If you mean bright sounding, I would recommend the Krell 300.I took one home to demo & had to stop after an hour or so. It was just to bright for my taste. It is excellent as far as bringing out all the detail of the CD tho. I ended up buying the W850. I love this player. I sold my Krell HRC and have the Wadia plugged directly n2 my amp. This player is excellent. Has all the detail of the Krell but doesnt sound as bright to me.(just my opinion)I havent heard the other players u mentioned.
My CD50 goes directly into my Krell amp, and the sound is unbelievably musical, accurate, transparent, dynamic, images are solid and palpable (and go very deep, with ideal perspective), tonally truthful and grain free, totally fatigue-free, and approach that of very good analog. I would say that it is "correct", and not "forward". I guess you'll need a lesser CD player, so good luck.