Which Harbeths for 14x35x12 living/kitchen space?

If I am using a Music Reference RM-9, approximately 100 wpc, which Harbeth can handle a space this large, without using subs? If subs are used?

The room is a living room adjoining a kitchen, for a long open space.

That's a large room... 40.1's would be my recommendation. I've owned them before. Your amp is plenty powerful enough. Anything less would benefit from a subwoofer.
Thanks. I was afraid that would be the answer, not inexpensive. I've never used a sub, would Harbeths mate seemlessly with a sub?

Thanks very much for the reply.
I use a REL Storm MK III with my SHL5's. Is it seamless... no. Is it as good as my time with the M-40.1's... no. But still a nice sounding set up. The sub adds some fullness and body to the sound and expands the soundstage.
HI River251,

Pdreher's recommendationof using the SHL5 + sub (Or M30.1 + sub) will do the trick. First, I'd try without using a sub to see if are satisfied with the bass response.

Having said that, if you are not, I do wonder how much better it will get with
the 40.1s and I'm sure they'll fill your space quite well and it is nice to not have to deal with a sub at all.

I also agree that you have plenty of power for the Harbeths.

Keep us posted,

A belated thank you, guys.

Hi Jim,

What did you end up buying?
Hm, seems like my first attempt did not post.


This weekend I drove to Phoenix and bought Frank's flawless Proac 2.5s. I had not thought I'd ever find a good pair, and that's when I started looking at other speakers ;to replace the One SCs for my larger house. Harbeth was the only speaker I felt was better than the Proac, possibly a little more refined, smoother, and with more resolution. But I do love the Proacs' voicing and musicality. When this pair became available I pulled out the stops to get them, and just brought them home Monday. I have not been able to set them up yet, but expect them to fill my large space nicely, and plan to get a sub as well. So though it would have been nice to get some Harbeths, the expense was going to be a factor, and I was able to afford the 2.5s now. I'm pretty content.

Thanks for asking,

Good for you, your happy and that's what counts. Not a big fan of subs. If you need sub with your speakers, than frankly you got the wrong speaker. Harbeths, yes their ok, sound a little to polite for me and don't hate me I think their overpriced.

I don't see them as overpriced. They seem like a bargain compared to Wilson or Magico.
40.1. No question. You won't need a sub. Will fill that space with music.

Hi river251-

I've owned the Harbeth Compact 7ES3 and the Monitor 30.1, and while they are head and shoulders above many of the speakers I've owned, I keep going back to the late 90s Proacs. Just love the voicing of the Response series being driven by a good tube amp. To me, you made the right decision going with a mint Response 2.5.