Which Harbeth?

Based just on room size which Harbeth would work best, Compact 7's or P3esr's?
Room is 18x11, 8 ft height. Moderate listening levels.

Thank you
7's and 5's...3's if you listen near field.
I have the same size room with C7ES3's and they're perfect for my room. I wouldn't go any smaller unless as Chashas1 said, you listen nearfield.
Don't buy Harbeths w/o listening to them (i.e., just based on their reputation). (Unless you buy them used and can resell them w/o much of a loss or if $$ is not an issue. They do resell quite easily.) Harbeths have a unique sound signature. Lot's of people love it. Some find it lacking in resolution, which is what I think is a necessary factor in high end sound.
Definitely listen first if at all possible with music and equipment your are familiar with. Makes a load of difference and will keep you from buyers remorse.

Personally I prefer speakers that are more dynamic, fast and with greater resolution. As always your ears and budget will decide.
Funny responses... The op asks which models, and you guys are trying to get him to get other brands.... Hilarious!
Perhaps like many he loves Harbeths? And maybe wouldn't like your etched, audiophile, showy type of speakers? If indeed you had those kinds...
What is it about many on the Harbeth User's Group and a lot of Harbeth fans that makes them insult the entire universe of non-Harbeth speakers with all sorts of all-encompassing generalities?
Rgs92, I agree the fans may be a bit overzealous. The Harbeth management also plays a part as they go all out in protecting their own interest -comprehensible being a manufacturer's forum. About two years ago they switched to extreme moderation as comparison to other competitors and certain comments from forummers are seen as malicious and a threat to the sales of the Harbeth. Try posting on the Harbeth User Group and you would notice your post wouldn't appear on the forum, not before the moderators approve it.

Some(not all) fans not only insult non-Harbeth speakers but higher-end gear and equipment as well. This is partly fueled by Harbeth's philosophy and outlook on the high-end audio industry, mainly negative.

For the reasons above I have shunned the Harbeth User Group although I own some Harbeth speakers.

To sum up, thoughts posted on the Harbeth group especially by the Harbeth team are considered as a doctrine and the absolute truth. All opinions from others that are not in line with their belief are deemed as wrong and disregarded. Want a healthy debate? Sure. Get through the moderators first.
Willfan89. Considering you've been posting on this forum for 9 years, I'm sure you've listened to and like Harbeth's. Your room would work nicely with the C7's. I use the Skylan stands which I like, and I've also heard good things about Sound Anchor stands.
+1 for Skylan stands....-1 for Sound Anchors...
basically your room would work with whatever your budget will allow.
Good luck!
basically your room would work with whatever your budget will allow
Room is 18x11, 8 ft height
absolutly,I use Harbeth SHL5 in similar size room

What is it about many on the Harbeth User's Group and a lot of Harbeth fans that makes them insult the entire universe of non-Harbeth speakers with all sorts of all-encompassing generalities?
I would say midrange magic,onces in love with such sound signature ,after -is difficult to listen other speakers which midrange is muddy.Of course there are very good speakers on the market,but for the price is tough to beat harbeth's midrange,just because of midrange driver.A lot of manufactures went on wrong direction choosing drivers i think,just more pro audio manufactures using similar midrange drivers as harbeth do
In your room I would use the SHL5's.
"+1 for Skylan stands....-1 for Sound Anchors..."

I use Sound Anchors with my Spendor S100's. They positively spanked the stands originally provided with the speakers.

Sure would like to hear more about the Skylan's vs. the SA's!
Willfan89, are the HL5s out of the question? If not, that is what I would get, but I would go with the 7s in your room if the 5s are too expensive or too visually large for your set up.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU very much to all who responded.
Very helpful to me indeed.
Go to Audio Cognoscenti:

My 5 cents with Harbeth SHL5 is that room treatment on bass a must as I found they will relflect the room's acoustic more than other speakers.
An interesting assumption, Luna....how many different rooms have you tried a pair in? I totally disagree. but that's me.
I've not heard that regarding the hl5, but a common refrain with the m40s
Hi Chashas, my room is 14 x 24 x 9fts. I had Thiels 3.6 before and there were no problems. After I got ShL5, I found the mid bass overloading in the room! I then started trying room treatment. I finally got very good bass by treating the ceiling and the conners with funitures and traps. I think Thiels has tighter but thinner bass while the SHL5 has fuller bass but very addictive once got right!
Good to hear. I've just personally never heard them act problematic.
All rooms are different, though, as you found out. Now the big 40's are different altogether. Put them in your size room and my hunch from reading many posts and reviews is that you would have bass issues. Yes, the 5's are very addictive. Stands make a difference as well, but I've covered that enough already.