Which group of speakers do you favor?

Just wondering if for instance maggies are one of your favorites what other speakers catch your attention?
My group includes:
Mbl, Merlin, Verity Audio, Avantgardes, Magico, Jm Labs, Magnepans, Soundlabs, Dynaudio, Kharma, Vandersteen, Piegas, Bolzanos, Sound Dynamics, PSB.
In no particular order I look for components that are not status quo in design and technology:

Avalon Indra
Verity Audio Parsifal
Magico V3
Vienna Acoustics The Music
I've been running one version or another of CDT equipped Gallo speakers for about 15 years now.
Hey Y'all,

I'm currently running an all Von Schweikert system right now but I have always been curious about, in no particular order:

PMC, have read a lot about them and they are used in all kinds of recording studios. They are very accurate.

Sonus Faber, I've listened to them a couple of times over the last twelve years but have never been in a position to purchase or even do an in home demo.

Avalon Acoustics, I had a friend who owned them a while ago and he highly recommends them.

Talon Audio Khorus, I've recently heard an older prototype and was very surprised by there performance. I would love to hear there most current model.

Dunlavy, I've just always had a curiosity with these speakers..........John