I am considering Revels vs. Kharma ceramique 1.0. Any advice? I appreciate detail but also coherence and vast soundstage
I like the Watt Puppy 6's better than both for stage and coherence. The Revels are nice but left me cold when I listened to them and the Kharma did not seem to have the dynamics of the Watt Puppies. You may also want to wait for the knew Nearfield Acoustics speakers.

Good luck.
You should consider Dunlavy IV or V's,ypu would not regret . I agree with prev post. Revels left me cold too. My audition involve Jeff Rowland 's mega bucks electronics. Great details, very analytical sound but small on dynamics. ( I took my own familiar CDs, and piano sound was just not alive) Khrama I have not heard. Listen for your self, if possible in your home, before buying.
Revel is the leading speaker in the industry today. They are one of the best I have ever heard. They could leave you cold they are very system dependant. If you put crap in you get crap out. Thats how the Revels are very very revealing speaker witch also means exstremly accurate. Ever time I have ever listened to them it was on all Levinson systems. What are you using? Its all about the synergy within the system and some gear wont match up well, but thats how it is no matter what speaker you buy unless it isnt tonally accurate. good luck
There is one fatal flaw in Revel speakers, which I suspect makes them not so "perfect". They use fourth order crossovers. Although these crossovers allow each individual driver to operate more linear at their frequency extremes, there is a rotation of phase at each the crossover regions. In my listening experimentation with many crossovers types, and my experience with MANY ultra high end speakers, this type of crossover can lead to a sound that is somewhat sterile, as compared to first order and quasi-second order crossovered speakers. Unfortunately, there is no "free lunch" with these latter crossovers either. When these are utilized, the designer will need many more drivers to achieve a disortion free high output, which can make them quite expensive. (Ever wondered why Dunlavy has so many drivers?...they utilze phase coherent, first order crossovers).
I really wish that Kevin Voeks would have considered another crossover design. His listening facilities, and his driver designs are state of the art. Unfortunately, I feel that he really blew it when it came to his crossover choice. Don't let anyone convince you that this speaker is perfect. If they were, then every competant speaker designer would switch over to fourth order designs. With this x-over, it is much easier to design a speaker with low distortion, and high output, with only a a few decent drivers. But what about those phase shifts?!