Which Front Projection DLP has the quietest fan?

Dont know if I want to head this way for a new t.v. Within a 5k +/- budget, should I stay with a 64" widescreen rear projection. I like the portability of the front projectors but after hearing a 15k vidikron and the fan noise, i was a little turned off. Are there ways to "semi" encase it in a ceiling mounted location so that there can be some sort of a sound baffle while still allowing adequate ventilation. Thanks for the feedback
I own the Sharp LCD;pretty quiet. You can hear the motor for the lens adj,zoom,but that's about it.AND it sits right at my feet.Now on to the problem at hand. You know if you stick your hand in front of a tweeter the sound is gone;sort of.If you have one of those Room Tunes triangles,or something smilar;-- have some one hold it up--and move it around. See if the noise has a specific "coming from the projector" location.You could also be getting part of that noise reflected from the celing--a pad on the celing? One might also try some kind of rubber donut between the celing and the celing mount.--A cut down vibrapod.One more: A fake shelf under the unit lined with sound deadening squares.
I also have a sharp LCD projector and the noise from the fan is similar to that of a chanuck. I know exactly what you are talking about and to the best of my knowledge there is no way to get rid of the sound of air moving. I don’t think it is a vibration problem it is simply air being moved at a rapid pace. It is also needed due to the heat generated from the bulb, so there is really no way around it. There is however a few projectors that don’t use a fan(there name slips my mind at the moment), they tend to be lighter too, and they are not much if any more money, I recall seeing one for around 3k on audiogon a while ago.