which for a $1000

If you had $1000 or less to spend on each separate component
be it an amp,preamp,cd player,turntable or even a dac or integrated amp,which would it be?$ would include interconnects and powercords together for $1000 to build a complete system?
This must be a hard question to answer?
Okay, here goes.
Marantz PM-8005 -- $1200
Marantz SA-8005 -- $1200
Take your pick for a TT under $1500-lots of great ones out there
Darwin Silver ICs -- $250 ea. (approx.)
Tempo Electric SCs -- $400 or less if under 8'
Cullen Cables PC or Signal Cable PC --around $240 (more or less)

If I had to build a system with that budget, it would be something like that.

All the best,
Say what????
You could buy signal cable power cords, rca cables and speaker cables all for under $1000 for instance and still have good quality.
I guess it helps not to speed read everything.
Or for instance many people consider magnepan mmg to be a bargain forfor under a $1000.That's what the question is referring to.To buy components,each $1000 or less to build a system,what would you choose?
I'd save another 200 for a grand total of 1200. Based on recent experience I'd do:
- Tekton Mini Lore (450 used, local),
- Sophia Baby amp (350 used),
- iPure dock for ipod (100 new),
- 8ft Analysis Plus Oval 9 (200 on ebay) and
- an older Audioquest IC for the last 100 (unless I spent it already on shipping fees).
At $1000 each:

Bryston BDA-1 DAC - used,

Audiophilleo USB/SPDIF W/ purepower - $650 used, for computer as server,

Marantz 5004 CD player used as transport - $350 new,

TT many choices at this price, new or local pickup used,

Phono stage - $350 used,

~ 5 year old Integrated AMP used,

~ Demo pair or 5 year old speakers used from dealer after listening with above purchased integrated,

Cables - 2 pair interconnects, 1 digital, 2 USB, speaker,

Room treatments - USED, DIY

Total cost under $7500 for 3 input analog/digital system.

Peraonally, I'm rather confused as to which way you want me to go.

Rather it be $1,000.00 for a TOTAL System?? Or $1,000.00 for EACH
Component?? So, in an attempt to answer your question as completely as
possible, I am going to construct two systems (one each, going BOTH

If I had to do an audio system with a $1,000.00 TOTAL Budget, then I would
do an All Digital System. Because to do Analog the way I want to do it
would be impossible to do on a modest budget such as this.

I would do the following:

Front-End: Apple i-Pad Air (64 GB)(Two or Three Years Old) --$350.00

Integrated Amplifier: NAD Integrated Amplifier (MOL -- 60 W/P/C)(Three or
Four Years Old) -- $300.00 (Used)

Speaker System: Dynaudio Audience 40 Bookshelf Speakers (About Five
Years Old) -- $350.00 (Used)

I/C's: Audioquest or Kimber-Kable --$100.00 (Used)

S/C's: Audioquest or Kimber-Kable -- $100.00 (Used)

Accessories will include a "Y" Plug and a pair of Speaker Stands
when they go on sale.


If I am spending $1,000.00 on EACH Component, then I am going to splurge
in this case, go for broke, and yet still spend sensibly, if this makes any

And yes, while I'll be doing Digital in this system, I will also be doing Analog
in THIS particular setup. And yes, I will continue to buy used. I will buy
brand new on any components deemed necessary for me to do so.

And in this case, I would do this:

Speaker System: Vandersteen 2Ci's -- $900.00 (Used -- Local Pickup)

Power Amplifier: Bryston 3B -- $850.00 (Used)

Preamplifier: Bryston BP-20 -- $800.00 (Used -- on "e-Bay")

Phono Preampifier: PS Audio GCPH -- $600.00 (Used)

Compact Disc Player: Marantz CD6005 (used as a Transport) -- $500.00

DAC: PS Audio Digital Link III -- $400.00 (Used)

Turntable + Arm: Thornes TD-160 (a vintage one, not a brand new one) --
$500.00 (Used -- Local Pickup) + Jelco SA-750D Tone Arm -- $600.00

Phono Cartridge: Sumiko Blue Point Special EVOIII -- $500.00 (New)

Personal Computer/Laptop: Toshiba Laptop Computer -- $700.00 (New)

Hard Disk Drive: G Drive External Hard Disk (3TB) -- $400.00 (New)

Power Conditioner: $500.00 to $1,000.00 (New or Used -- TBD)

I/C's: Audioquest or MIT -- $600.00 to $800.00 (Used)

S/C's: Audioquest or MIT -- $400.00 (Used)


Budget System -- $1,150.00 -- $150.00 Over Budget (with careful
shopping, I can get that total down to $1,000.00 or even below that).

All Out System -- $9,000.00

Happy Listening.....