Which FM Transmitter for ipod?

Got the RoadTrip and was very disappointed. It's output is too low even in my cars to overcome even distant FM static. Heard the Sonnet PodFreq is much better but many complaints about reliability.

Need the transmitter/charger for a car. Any suggestions?
I went with Kensington based on consumer reviews on the web; e.g., sounded better than the Monster transmitter etc... I have no comparison, but I am happy with it so far... no interference at all.
At home if it's a house take all radio components and hook up to $100 Fanfar antena.Just amazing.
I had the iTrip and was very UNimpressed. Now I have the Monster Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus - it works great - I'm very impressed. It works even when tuned to stations that have reasonably strong traffic.
Any of the $80 + car charger/transmiters are good. The one I got is no longer posted on the apple store but the kensington looks fine and gets the best reviews...