Which FM antennae

What is a great fm antennae that is not as tall as a radio tower that would also look good indoors and bring in stations with the best of them?
The "FM Reflect" Antenna from www.ccrane.com works excellent. Its only $24.95 and works much better than the $65.00 powered Terk I bought at goodguys. It does look very simple and probably cost $2.00 to manufacture, but it does work extremely good.
The Fanfare FM 2G is my pick as it works very well having great sensitivity and selectivity. Not familiar with the FM Reflect but can positively say all of my experiences with TERK have been bad. Poor product with great hype.
I have one of the Audio Prism indoor tower antennas, it works great and is attractive for WAF factors, it is 7 feet tall and 12" in circumference, wrapped in black felt cloth. It has a base with optional spikes so it stands upright on the floor--no unsightly mounted whip antennas like Magnum Dynalab and Fanfare, both of which I used to own. Best of all, it has the best reception of any indoor antenna I've yet owned/tried. I'm probably going to sell mine as I now use a roof-mount antenna, but I can't figure out how to ship the damn thing! If you have any ideas and are interested in buying it, let me know via email, but I haven't had any luck yet finding a box with the necessary unusual dimensions to be able to ship it.
I use the big antenna you're trying to avoid. It is up in my attic crawl space and is patched into the cable TV wall outlet near the tuner. I just plug and play.
Fanfare FM 2G antennae- the best choice.
I would like to second the recommendation of the FM Reflect from CCrane. With my Linn Kudos I couldn't even raise a station with a standard T. I plugged this baby in and received dozens of stations, and cleanly. It comes in white as well as black which is nice for Living Room use. CCrane is one of those mail order companies with outstanding service as well.
I appreciate all the suggestions and think I will check out the Reflect or at least reflect on it (sorry).
I appreciate all the suggestions and think I will check out the Reflect or at least reflect on it (sorry).
Just attached the FM Reflect and it is a great improvement over my Beam BOX, dipole and Radio Shack powered attempts. Thanks - a great buy, too .