Which floorstander to match Accuphase E-450?


I'm looking for a floorstander to match the Accuphase E-450 Int Amp. Listen mostly to jazz, vocal, and some light pop, and a little new age. prefer something with good bass, sweet high. very sensitive to lean sound so will want to avoid that.

budget is around $5000-$7000.

feel free to 'throw' any speakers suggestions

thanks in advance

I'll throw out a few: (all fall into your $ range used)
1. Dynaudio Confidence C2's (I own these and am biased)
2. Verity Parsifal Encore
3. Von Schweikert VR-4SR, VR-5SE, DB-99mkII

Could also go with Dynaudio C1 monitors with a REL Studio subwoofer.
jbl 4430/4435 studio monitor great bass.plays music with passion.
the 450 goes well with just about anything. just get the speaker you like, and don't worry about the amp
Rc5al - what's your final choice?

I have the same amplifier like you, E-450 and the DP-500 player and also I'm looking for a floorstander to match with the Accuphase sound.
A few solutions in my maximum buget (~ 10.000 euros):

1.B&W 803D
2.Focal Electra 1037Be
3.Dynaudio Contour S5.4 / Dynaudio Confidence C2
4.Triangle Magellan Cello
5.ProAc Response D38
6.Dali Helicon 800 MKII / Dali Euphonia MS4
7.Spendor S9e
8.Opera Callas Divina

Maybe Revel Performa F 52 , but I can't listen in my country yet.

Any suggestions are welcome.

the harbeth SHL5 is a great match wth E450 + DP500. Heard it a few times and its fantastic.

E450 might run out of steam with the bigger Dyns though in a big room.
+1 for the harbeth SHL5 and Accuphase E-450 combo! I am using this very combination and find it a fabulous match!
has any one tried the accuphase class A with any of the Proac's
I use an E-450 with Proac 3.8 with good results.