Which floorstander for 25-30m2 room?

I'm starting my system from scratch and want to use it for both audio and video. I want to have rather small boxes, preferably floorstander, which work well already at low volume, handle both audio and video well, are resolving and can throw huge soundstage. Is it asking too much? As I want to also buy an amp - integrated if possible - I'm open to suggestion for it as well. Cheers and thank you, Mike
Providing us with your budgets for both the speakers and the amp would be a good starting point for any suggestions.

As far as the speakers:

Do you want, (either now or in the future), to have matching center channel and/or surround speakers as an option?

As far as the amp:

Do you want tube or solid state?

How about a Remote control?
(Necessary, or not?)

Do you want a HT passthrough for 2 channel operation only?

The more information you supply to us, the more informed suggestions that we can provide to you.
What is your tolerance of position? Can you accomodate a speaker 6 to 10 feet off the back wall?