Which flat spkr. cable to use

I need to connect B&W 802 matrix to Lev. 383 with some flat speaker cables about 7' long. I intend to run under the wall to wall carpet and in one place the cable will be stepped on by people walking on the carpet. All responses would be welcome! Thanks....Bob
I would not put any decent cable where it will be stepped on, could damage cable. That said Geortz, Analysis Plus, Nordost make flat cables. For reasonable cost Analysis Plus and Geortz.

If it were me and I had to place speaker cables where people walk over then I would use aluminum door thresholds and paint to match carpet, running cables under them, preventing damage to cables.
Snooker: I at one point ran two pairs of cables (for bi-amping) across the threshold of a door that has heavy traffic. We have plaster/cement floors with acrylic carpeting covered by rugs. I built a channel box out of wood and brass screws and routed out a space in the plaster/cement to house the channel box (the carpet and rugs went over this). If I had wooden floors with space below them, I would have just drilled holes to run the cable underneath the floor. We rent and I did not feel that this was a big deal because I can always fill in the sub floor (which I will be doing soon because my setup is about to change). That said, I had considered Analysis Plus oval cable before I tried this other setup with Kimber Kable. I felt that walking on cable was just asking for trouble, plus cable, IMO, should not be touching synthetic materials as used in most carpet pad and carpet. If you do not have wood floors, perhaps just a shallow channel would work.
Nordost will work perfectly.
I a/b compared the analysis plus to the Nordost SPM speaker cable. I used a biwire 5 foot a+ against two runs of spm 2.5 meter. I used both my vandersteen 5 and my audio physic virgo speakers (I doubled the A+up at the terminals) The SPM walked all over it. In fact the SPM is much better than any speaker cable I have heard. The A+ cable is a great cable and a far better value, but the Nordost was superior. The biwire A+ cable retails for 1/10th the cost of the two SPM runs. I have to wonder about some of these audio reviewers that have been going off on the A+ being the greatest thing since sliced bread. I tried both of these cables with two completely different speakers and found the same result. The Nordost SPM had far superior imaging and transparency. It wasn't even close. I found the same thing when I compared the pro-silway II interconnect to the nordost Quattro-fil. The pro-silway is a good cable and a far better value, but the Nordost cable drug it around good.
I have used both Nordost & Goertz wire under carpeting & found that they benefit from regular destatisizing. The Goertz MI-2 is much cleaner & fuller in both my systems than the Nordost Blue Heaven though.
As we've been through this before with the Analysis Plus, speaker cables ( like any other component of the system ) are a personal thing and quite system dependent.

Having gotten that disclaimer out of the way, i found the AP Oval 9's to be EXTREMELY over-rated. They didn't do well compared to other comparably priced cables ( Goertz MI-2, Kimber 8TC, etc...) let alone against cables that were measurably more money. Obviously others have had different findings within the context of their likings and systems. I have not tried Nordost in any of my systems, so can't comment on their speaker cable within that price range. Sean
Nordost is good for the money. Kimber used to make a flat cable, but I don't know if they still do. I use Kimber 8TC with my B&Ws, but I guess that won't work for you.

Have you thought about the Electra Glide speaker cables? They use custom flat ribbons from Alpha Core Goertz.
Thank-you all for your input. I would like to try several of the suggestions here before I decide.