Which flat-panel tv brand???

I am looking for a 25-27" flat screen tv. Heard Sony is v. fragile, any other recommendations would be appreciated.
Panasonic came about with a 27" Pure Flat TV. It is not overly price and looks great. You might want to check them out. Good Luck

I hate to disparage a great endeavor but all flat screens are mediocre at best. They all exhibit elliptical smearing on the sides due to the geometry of the tube. They are also very heavy. The sony 36" tube weighs in at 185lbs. by itself. This has a tendency to break boards if not handled properly. When setting the unit down on a shelf, pedstal, cabinet, it must be brought down in a linear motion, no one surface should touch the platform before any other. other wise there have been reports of complete breakage as well as cracks that break the I2c buss, this causes communication problems with the microprocessor. Go with a traditional Trinitron if you can find one. I sent back a KV32fs12 in favor my KV32XBR96. Good luck

Panasonic has released a 27-Inch set in their new "Tau" series of "pure flat screen" televisions. It is called the model CT-27SX10. I have looked at a CT-20SX10 (which is a 20-Inch version of this series) and have compared it to Sony's 20-Inch Wega Set. While the brightness level of both sets was judged to be equal in quality, I found that the Panasonic to be more vivid in terms of color fidelity and sound quality. Also, the Panasonic also has a full jack panel on the back, as well as a full set of jacks on the front panel (including S-Video), and it was priced $60.00 less than the Sony Wega. I actually witnessed a gentleman buying one, so I should know that as well. Keep in mind that all of these comments were made in reference to their 20-Inch set. There is no reason to think that things would be any different with their 27-Inch set. But keep one thing in mind if you should consider the 27-Inch Panasonic Tau. The one thing to keep in mind is because this is a "pure flat screen" television, it may be lacking features such as "Picture In Picture" and some other enhancements that are featured on my CT-27SF37. If that doesn't matter to you, then the CT-27SX10 may be the set for you. If not, then maybe you should consider an CT-27SF37. You may not get a "totally flat screen", but you will get more features for your money.

Let us know what you should decide on.

If your willing to spend that kind of money on a small screen, I'd go with Tke0810 and find a Trinitron or even better get a Hitatchi tube, they come in the Protron brand and are far and away the best tube ever made. No other tube can produce a pure solid black like the Protron, IMO.
I didn't realize that Proton was still around, they do have a very good tube in them. I like the Sony Trinitron due to the fact that there is less glare because of the vertical flatness. Either choice would be better than a flat screen.
Never liked the Wega (vega). The geometry is wrong, picture looks concave. If you can find a local dealer and are willing to bay the price, I would recommend Proton if you are watching primarily NTSC or Loewe if your source is primarily DVD.