Which female artist

Hi all
Just wanting to know if anyone can add to my list, of similar sounding female singers.Here goes , just to start the ball rolling.
Gretchen Lieberum "brand new morning"
Rickie Lee Jones "priates , flying cowboys , the magazine"
Dido " life for rent , safe trip home ( my favourite at the moment )
Mary Chapin Carpenter " between here and gone"
Kathyrn Williams " dog leap stairs , old low light "
Any help of finding new female singers , or even similar male singers, would be great .As always looking for somthing new to listen to
cheers lancer
Here's a few:

Tiff Merritt
Lucinda Williams
Grace Potter
Dar Williams
Sarah Mclachlan
Check out:
Rickie Lee Jones "Pop Pop"
Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat"
Holly Cole "Temptation"
A couple of more names for your list:

- Brand new (CD just released this week) - Diane Birch "Bible Belt"
- Tracy Chapman - distinctive folk-rock voice
- Karrin Allyson - jazz influences
- Suzanne Vega - good alterative sound
- Fiona Apple - another alt singer
- Erin Bode - think of a jazz/pop Alison Krauss with Dido phrasing- start with "The Little Garden
- Anna Nalick "Wreck of the Day" - another very recent release. If you like Dido, you'll like her.

Plenty more but this and the others is a good starter list.
Melody Gardot. Don't miss this newcomer's two Verve albums, "Worrisome Heart" and "My One and Only Thrill," the latter also available on vinyl.

Check for the following female artists:

Jennifer Warnes - The Well;
Marianne Faithfull - Easy Come Easy Go;
Mary Coughlan - The House Of Ill Repute;
Barb Jungr;
Joni Mitchell;
Debe Welch.

I'm sure you will like those voices.
5 to start with:

Dusty Springfield - "Dusty in Memphis"
Shelby Lynne - "Just a Little Lovin'" (covers the above)
Marti Jones - "Used Guitars"
Joan Armatrading "Track Record"
Jennifer Warnes "The Hunter" (best sound quality of any pop/rock recording in my collection).

Check out Ingrid Michaelson & Missy Higgin's. Both artists are a bit more current, but very good.
Bette Midlers:

1)Bette Midler Sings The Rosemary Clooney Songbook
2)Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook [DUAL DISC]

Both disc's are filled with well recorded pop standards. These two disc have been leaders in my collection, meaning they have led to other recording artist.
New Femaale Singers:

Rachael Yamagata (Elephants)
Sara Watkins (SaraWatkins)
Beth Rowley (Little Dreamer)

The Beth Rowley CD is a no-brainer winner.
Hi Thanks for the list of singers. Had a wee listen on the net to get a idea of there styles. I say Raks you have some good ones there I need to listen to from the cd's and a few others.
cheers guys and gals
eva cassidy
Shelby Lynne "just a little lovin" absolutely sublime

Tierney Sutton "Dancing in the Dark" why never mentioned anymore???

Oleta Adams "Circle of One" no one remebers this great album

Nora Jones "Come Away with Me" just because it sold 15 million copies does not mean it's not good
I would also highly recommend Jennifer Warnes (The Hunter, The Well and Famous Blue Rain Coat). But I am also surprised that no one has mentioned Mary Black, one of my all time favorites. I especially like No Frontiers and Holy Ground, but almost anything she did when Declan Sinnot was with her is outstanding in my opinion.
You might try Lucinda Williams
Here's a few more:

kd lang - Hymns of the 49th parallel
Kate and Anna McGarrigle
Eliza Gilkyinson
Gillian Welch
Cassandra Wilson
Iris Dement
Mary Gauthier
K T Tunstall
Patty Griffin
cheryl Wheeler
Patty Larkin - great guitar work!
A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the Sea
Carrie Rodriguez - She Ain't Me
Adele 19
Tristin Prettyman - Hello
Sara Bareilles - Little Voice
All Melody Gardot
I know I sound like a broken record whenever these "recommend someone that sounds like..." threads come up, but the obvious answer to this question is to join the Pandora music service. Just create a "station" for an artist you like and Pandora will create a playlist of similar sounding artists. Believe me you will find it addictive.
I have Eva Cassidy " Blues Ally " amazing singer shame she sung mostly cover songs.Went to Pandora , but they are not letting overseas people join " New Zealand ".One thing I'm not keen on is " country and western " singers which comes through alot. I do have Pop Pop by RLJ but do not like that style of music. Some others I have are Katie Melua " pictures " , Enya , Loreena Mcknnitt.
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Try out Brandi Carlisle (no, not Belinda Carlisle of the GoGos) Very enjoyable. Second Shelby Lynne's Dusty Springfield like album.