Which feet for VPI Scout

I'm considering new feet for the VPI scout. Im willing to spend 400-500 bucks. Who makes a foot good at draining vibrations away and screws into the stock base?
What's wrong with the one VPI gives you?
Bearpaws are awesome! However, I have found they only work magic with a proper draining base ~ maple block, slate, (all though I have not tried, edensounds own terra stone looks cool).

I use edensound or Mapleshade feet under all of my tt's for large gains. But I found the feet do nothing for the sound if placed on a table or shelf that does not absorb vibration.

Just peeped your system, looks like you got a good base.
I AGREE WITH NEEDFREESTUFF.... VPI's do much better with a very solid connection with the center of the earth. The mini feet that come with the table has rubber elastomer but Bearpaws are large spikes that solidly root the table. Much better sound.
What is the table sitting on? I got a nice improvement with my Scout when I set it on a 3" thick slab of maple (using the stock aluminum cone feet). I've got a further improvement using the Terastone footers from Edensound. I went there to buy Bear Paws and after discussion with Dan at Edensound, I went with the Terrastone & brass footers. Very pleased with the improvement in bass lines and overall solidity of the presentation. Next best Scout upgrade I've done (after SDS).
Is it really worth the money? I can't help but think $400-$500 is pretty high for new feet, and may put to better use elsewhere. I'm curious because I have a Scout and it never occurred to me that feet would be a big upgrade.
I went from the standard VPI cones, to the VPI HRX upgraded feet, to the Edensound Bear Paws, then to the Edensound Terracones. Each was an step up in improvement. The Terracones are a real improvement on my Super Scoutmaster w/rim drive.
...gee whiz...and when I tried the TerraStones...I liked the Bearpaws better. I guess to each his/her own....
I completely agree with those that feel whatever feet one decides upon, a good plinth is most important for the best possible sound from a Scout. When I owned one, I couldn't believe how much things improved with a thick maple platform.
Wondering, are those using spiked feet going directly into your platform or using coupling disks?
My table is sitting on a Mapleshade block.
I have protective discs under the spike. What I found is that discs themselves, even if they are make of the same material and look, similar....yes even discs themselves sound different. I had some brass discs in my "extra" drawer and put them under Audiopoints....then tried the Audiopoint discs...and unbelievably, the matching disc sounded better.
But, one wonders, do you have under the Mapleshade block? Might I be so bold as to suggest NASA grade DH cones, preferably Super DH Cones if you have the jing.
I let the spikes couple to the plinth, sounded better to me than coupling discs. I installed 1/4" x 20 threaded sleeves in the bottom of the maple plinth and then used short lengths of threaded brass rod to couple BDR carbon fiber cones as footers for the plinth. The threaded rod allowed me to adjust the plinth's level and get the plane of the platter perfectly horizontal.
The upgraded VPI feet produce a nice rock solid bass and and a more defined mid-range. They cost about $170 used were the best upgrade I made for the money. I use a 3" maple block.
Those TeraStone footers by Edensound look like a nice upgrade.
Do they come with the threaded shaft required to thread directly into the plinth?
I ended up with terra stones from Eden Sound. They very well built and the sound seems more focused. I haven't got too may hours on them but as I do I'll update with my impressions.