Which DVDP?

would be better for both HT and hi-res digital applications :

a) Denon A11
b) Marantz DV8400?

Any ideas?
Just to clarify, the Denon A11 is the same as the 5900 in the US. A11 is the Europe/Asia model number.
For video quality you should look at the DVD Benchmark article, Progressive Scan Shootout from December 2003 that analyzed both of these units. For video, the Denon came out on top. See www.hometheaterhifi.com.
Yes I've seen that report.
I've also seen the Positive Feedback review of the DV8400.

What I'd really like to know is for those of you who own the 5900, how do you find the audio reproduction in the various formats?
I've decided on the Denon. It seems that I've posted the question in the wrong forum.