which dvd player to use?

hey- i have the Dwin tv-3 DLP projector- what is the best dvd player to use- I do not care about 2 channel as this is just for video- I am looking for the best pic/sound- Should I get a new unit like the denon 3910(dvi) or a used unit like the proceed pmdt or a unit like that - thanks-k
I was looking at the Denon player or the Samsung as both have DVI outputs. For me, this was critical as I wanted my new tv's chip to handle the data, not the dvd player. I'm not familiar with your projector so don't know if you feel the same. If you do, you may be interested to know that there was a review on the Denon somewhere, it may have been The Absolute Sound, or maybe The Perfect Vision, that concluded for picture quality, the Denon 1910 ($250) performed about as well as the 3910. FWIW.
The Denon 1910 uses a less expensive Faoudja chip 2301 and the Denon 3910 uses the Faroudja 2310 chip -- in the DVD Benchmark shootout the Denon 3910 came out on top of all the dvd players that organization tested, and the 1910 came in about 20th.