Which do you feel ...

are your (own/personal) most underrated artist/lps? The ones that at least should have more exposure or be the topic of more discussion.

Gary Louris "Vagabonds"
John Fogerty "Revival"
Pink Floyd "the final cut"
Pat Boone "In A Metal Mood, No More Mr. Nice Guy"
Viridian...You crack me up!...:-)
Trooper-"Knock 'em Dead Kid"


Mother's Finest-"Another Mother Further"
Iris Dement. She's a very special songwriter and singer whom I learned of from Merle Haggard, himself not bad at both ;-). There are a bunch of videos on You Tube with which to check her out
Lee Oskar "Lee Oskar"
Harmonia from WAR
Killer percussion
Robin Trower-"BLT"
JJ Cale-"Five"
Everything but the Girl-"Language of life"
Johnny Hodges w/WBD-"Blue Rabbit"
Jimmy Smith-"Back at the Chicken Shack"
The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night--easily one of their very best but never mentioned.
Viridian beat me to the Pat Boone classic so I'll have to list my alternative choice of Van Morrison's Veedon Fleece.
I'll add Phil Ochs to the list of artists deserving wider recognition. I discovered his music long after his death.
Mitch, speaking of Van Morrison and albums that require further discourse,
his foray into the American country idiom "Pay The Devil" is so
misguided that, not only does he not seem to know the meaning of the
phrases, at times he seems to not grasp the meaning of the words. Two
countries divided by a common language. Iris DeMent, mentioned earlier
could chew through this stuff in her sleep.

BTW did anyone else catch the ageless Pat Boone on "Sunday
Morning" today? His days of crooning "Enter Sandman"
and "Stairway To Heaven" may be behind him but he remains
the enfant terrible of the Bible Belt set.
Thomas Ades, John Adams; with a handful of others, the future of Classical music.
Kurt Elling,
Stephen Sondheim.
Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit - "Mirrors of Embarrassment"

Ry Cooder - "Ry Cooder"

David Bromberg - "How Late'll Ya Play 'Til?"

Johnny Adams - "One Foot in the Blues"

"Don't You Wish it Was True" on the Fogerty Revival CD is one of my favorite Fogerty songs. Good stuff.

"Blue Moon Swamp" is my favorite solo Fogerty album overall.
My favorite Fogerty solo recording is the live "Premonition".

The Bottle Rockets- "24 Hours a Day"
Deerhunter 'Halcyon Digest'
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Portugal. The Man 'In The Mountain In The Cloud'
The Shins 'Port of Morrow'
Thirteen Senses 'The Invitation'
Owsley - Eponymous; The Hard Way
Landon Pigg - LP
Jason Falkner - Presents Author Unknown
Marjorie Fair - Self Help Serenade
Pinback - Blue Screen Life; Information Retrieved
(thanks to Pokey77 for illumination)

The Lord Dog Bird - Eponymous
Damien Jurado - St. Bartlett; Maraqopa; Bros. & Sisters of the Eternal Son
Jack Bruce - take your pick
Andy Summers - Last Dance of Mr. X; Mysterious Barricades (and others of his post-Police, solo work)
Tostadosunidos: I feel the same way on AHDN.

Mapman: Fogerty's vocals are better than ever on "Revival".
JJ Cale "5" is an excellent record. My original Shelter lp tells me that this is a recording that is ALL over the place, maybe this is what has turned others off from it.
Slaw, I agree totally, JJ Cale "5" was recorded at 3 different studios and some of the songs really show how bad one studio did vs the other. I love this album. The song "Mona" has a bass line in it that will bottom out any ones system that tries to give it high volume, very intense. One of my all time favorite blues records. The CD version is awful, they even dropped the best song (Lou easy ann) so they could fit it on cd. On vinyl I can at least enjoy it :-)
Tommy Bolin, "Private Eyes". Great rock and excellent sound!!!
Mattmiller: I highly recommend the (music on vinyl/ MOV) "Grasshopper"! It is really my favorite plus it's a much better recording/pressing than AP's "Troubadour". I'm a huge Cale fan!