which direction should arrows point?? - HARMONIC TECH - TRUTH LINK INTERCONNECTS
connecting amp tp preamp
connecting CD player to preamp

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Arrows point in the direction of signal flow so cd player > preamp > amp.
The guy from Harmonic has a white paper. This is an excerpt. Can anyone find a mistake? A big mistake.

"When copper slugs are forced through a small die hole to "draw" wire, the copper undergoes a molecular change due to the stress and rapid cool-down of the metal. A cross section of the wire seen through an electron microscope shows that thousands of crystals have been inadvertently formed in the copper. Approximately 500 crystal boundaries per foot are found in high grade oxygen-free copper, with as many as 1500 crystal boundaries occurring in normal wire. The barriers formed by the crystals become another impediment to the natural flow of electrons in the wire, adding harshness and brightness to the sound as well as changing the harmonic structure drastically, altering both image precision and sound stage focus. Indeed, the crystalline barriers add distortion to the signal, making their removal extremely important if clarity and smoothness are desired."

Bingo! Another big mistake in the white paper is the idea that crystals are formed by drawing the wire through the die. The crystals are already there. Copper and silver like most metals are crystalline structures. The problem with drawing wire is that it deforms the otherwise symmetrical crystal structures. You know, the crystal structures that are already there. It’s that deformation that produces directionality of the wire.
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Costco_emoji, actually the video you linked states very clearly that the wire - even very thin wire - is drawn through a series of dies. Just as everyone else who understands wire directionality states. The reason there is not much evidence of the whole drawing process in the finished product is because the microscopic changes to the metal crystalline structure is almost invisible, much of it below the surface of the metal wire. Duh! But even on the surface of the wire one sees evidence of scraping. Keep the evidence coming!