which direction do this cable go?

Do you know which direction these cables go?

Illuminations D-60 - has rubber wraps on both ends with the cable's name, one end has a serial number

Kimber Silver Streak SE - has rubber wrap on one end with the cable's name
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If there is an arrow the arrow pionts in the direction of the signal flow. It really should not matter though. Once you've used them a while they will settle in to which ever direction you use. Once you've used them I would keep the direction the same from then on however.
The tape side of your cable is the ground side, so for example your cable from your cd player to your preamp, the tape side of your cable would be on your preamp side , and from your preamp to your amp , it would be on your amp side. hope this helps.
Iv'e heard that when in doubt the signal should flow in the direction of the lettering on the cable. I agree with Tigger, it will settle into which ever direction you use.
If the cable has a arrow, that arrow is usually included only for convenience. (Arrow points from source to loudspeaker). It's merely a suggestion in all but THE most esoteric designs. Generally once a cable is broken-in in one direction, it needs to be broken-in again if you try to use in the other direction. So I'd say just pick an orientation and stick with it going forward.

I'm sure some nay-sayers will chime in telling us the futility of believing cables are directional once broken-in (or in fact they need burn-in at all). Use your ears.
On my D60's the black band is shorter at one end--That goes to the transport / source.
Plug the cable in one way and then reverse it and the way that allows the highest image height on the same recording will be correct....
I found that my D60 sounded more forward in one direction and more laid-back in the other. The maker, incidentally does not believe directionality exists, so you are on your own. My slight preference was for the direction that had a more forward sound. But the difference is slight.