Which dimmer switch for LED bulbs?

Good day, all
I’ve got matching MK switches and sockets virtually all round the house now. Just decorated the kids’ bedrooms and hit a slight snag. I’ve replaced the old 60w tungsten bulbs with new 100w equivalent LED lights

We have dimmer switches fitted according to Dimming all kinds of LEDs Tutorial (include video), however they aren’t working properly. I suspect because the dimmer switches are old ones rated for old loads.

I’ve tried a newer V-Pro dimmer which sort of works, however there are 2 issues – 1) it doesn’t really dim much & 2) the bulb doesn’t appear to get to full brightness, so not ideal.

Can anyone recommend a decent dimmer switch for 15w LED bulbs? My preference would be MK but they don’t appear to do one in the normal MK range.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Thank you for helping...
They are programmable, may be I need some more V-Pro dimmers.
  1. First, dimmable LEDs don't dim as far down as incandescents.  In some cases you may have to stick with incandescents to get the degree of dimming you want.
  2. Some dimmers (Leviton, are you listening?) interact with microwave ovens and will oscillate the light level when in use. TP-Link Kasa do not.
  3. Sticking with one brand of Smart Switch & Dimmer is a Really Good Idea. Managing multiple apps when doing voice control integration is not fun.
I ended up with TP-Link simply because the others shot their foot off at various points in the test. And because TP-Link is a router company that happens to make smart switches and dimmers. Leviton is a light electrical who is now trying to make complex digital networking components. 

Easy decision.