Which digital input to use? Technics SU-R1000 or Technics SL-G700

First of all let me start by saying I've been an avid reader of the forums for quite some time but this is my first thread...

I have both the Technics SU-R1000 (Integrated) and the Technics SL-G700 (CD / SACD & Streamer).

I am using a Raspberry Pi running Roopieee with audio going out through a HiFiBerry Digi+ hat (optical).

I use this for Tidal / Qobuz and also my own digitised CD library.

I know that the  SL-G700 uses a dual mono DAC circuit (AK4497 from Asahi Kasei) but I am unsure of what the SU-R1000 uses.

Question is, which input should I be utilizing?

Digital in to the streamer with analogue out to the amp
Digital in to the amp 

Any opinions appreciated!

Thank you. 
Shouldn’t digital coax into the SU-G700 be the best option because it avoids the D/A conversation step from the CD Player or Streamer?  Meaning why feed an analog signal into SU-G700 just to be converted back to digital?

SU-R1000 (Integrated) and the Technics SL-G700 (CD Transport).

So yeah I would agree coax out to the SU-R1000.

Avoid the other steps.
This is kinda of opposite of the basic "keep it simple" conventions, but when I had my SU-G700 (which did it's own internal digital to analogue magic) I actually preferred the sound of running my Innuos Zenith USB to my Gustard X26 pro, then balanced analogue XLR outs to my SU-G700, which did a analogue to digital conversions yet again.

It had a noticeable sound signature change which was even more detailed, wide and deep regarding the overall sound field, but gave a slight hint of veiled reverb on vocals, more noticeable with long listening sessions and less natural sounding. This made some noticeably good, yet sometimes unaturally forward changes with what sounds you were hearing as being more forthright in recordings versus others that became more distant. It definitely made me hear familiar songs with a very new presentation which was very entertaining.

It was such a change that it caused me to actually have to switch filters on my X26 Pro, which I had never done previously before that. So I do feel that there is some nuance to the analog to digital conversion within these integrated amplifiers by Technics that could very well translate into actual sonic signature changes that you can perceive.

So experimenting to your liking is obviously something that is totally worth doing too. You might surprise yourself and find out that you prefer the balance outputs into your R1000 versus the direct digital feed as I did while using the G700.

I do listen to a lot of highly layered, and maybe more digital music and feel that this does give me a little bit more of an interesting listen to the bulk of the music I enjoy. However acoustic, orchestral, and more minimalist music too took on a more interesting sound field that was altered from what i typical heard, but I do feel that maybe some sound purists may take issue with some sonic alterations of these switchbacks from analog, to digital, to analog have.
Use the USB input ... Berry Pi / Upgrade Power Supply or an Upgraded Streaming source.