Which dig source,passive front-end,ICs,amp combo?

Irregardless of loudspeaker choices, sensitivity or efficiency, (I know. Loudspeakers should be first consideration, typically), what are some options or combinations I should consider, which you have found offer the highest levels of pure "passive front end approach" fidelity and synergy?!
I tried in vain years back - trying many several different digital sources (run from analog outs), passive preamp options (including dig direct from DVD pours, trim pots,high ended passive pre's), Interconnect combos, and amplifier choices - and always felt disappointed,from the subsequently subdued dynamics and constricted soundstage from the sound! (My speakers were Sonus Electa Amators, Thiel 2.3s, Infinity Preludes, Dunlavy SC1s, and other dynamic driver loudspeakers) Thus, I have stayed with the active preamp route, as I enjoy rock, dynamic world beat stuff, movies n such, played through my systems.
I've recently read that the analog outs from digital source components may now be more "passive friendly(??)" over past few years, and that some are reporting very good sonic results using the passive front end approach?! I'm just starting to get back into high end 2 children, and would like some dirrection. ..I'd even consider loudspeaker options after figuring which gear others find work great together in passive config.
Thx for your opinions n suggestions.
Don't know what your budget is, but I can tell you that i have found the older 6SN7 Modwright digital sources to be passive friendly. Not sure about the 6922 designs. Ask Dan.

Having said that, I'm not sure any source is going to give you the dynamics you want with a passive. I used passives for 2 decades. I was willing to sacrifice something in dynamics for something in transparency etc. I found the Coincident Statement line stage gave me the best of both worlds.
Numerous people on this site have tried the Lightspeed passive product. Some love it and some preferred their active line stages after comparisons. It isn't expensive and is worth an audition, could be what you're looking for.
one of the best passives I have used was from Reference Line ... in the right system a passive can be spectacular! depends much more on the source and amp than the speakers though ... ANY good speaker can sound excellent with a passive combined with appropriate ancillaries IMHO
See this is a point of contention with me..I find little positive feedback relating to passive front end set ups, and people suggesting "limited dynamics" and VERY finicky -if only partially effective - successful passive system considerations, to practically recommend, which offer wide open and dynamically transparent presentation for the sound.
Mostly, the overtone I've always gotten from passive front end application is the same old song...so I wonder. Hummmmm.
Could I actually successfully run an Oppo analog direct to a good amplifier, and due proper justice to Metalica, Hip Hop, or heavy dynamic percussive music selections through such a system?? I have my reservations. I really do.
I believe a high quality active preamp provides superior sound quality.Since you're obviously curious about passive/direct source you should try this approach to solve this dilemma. There's no substitute for direct experience in your system.