Which DFG do you use?

I have one that gives a different reading each time i drop the stylus on it.
Do that 10 times i get 10 different readings. This is NOT a Taiwan/China made gauge by the way. This is no doubt a serious flaw in the electronics, the design or concept of said gauge.

Do you or did you experience the same issue with yours?
What DFG would you recommend that provide rock steady readings?
The Winds from Japan is the best I've used. I have the one that measures 1/100th of a gram and it repeats perfectly unless you're breathing on it.

Unfortunately it is no longer available, or at least not that I can find.
Some gauges drain the battery even when turned off. Your gauge may be one of these and your problem may be a worn battery?
Hey Liz. You may be on to something. The one i have is a Cartridge Man i bought used on Agon a few years ago. The battery is inside the unit and gets re-charged with a little charger. So i will take a reading with the DFG plugged in and see if it's stable. If not, then it would indicate that there is something wrong with the charger itself and not the battery.