Which device to use as the pre-amp

I just picked up a vintage Marantz 2226 reciever and it sounds good. I have a Rotel A12 intergrated amp, I was going to try and hook them up together and wanted some input as to which one should I use as the pre-amp?


The Marantz has power amp inputs and the Rotel does not and since you want the remote functions, etc., you really only have one choice. Run from the 'pre-amp' out on the Rotel to the 'main in' on the Marantz.


Why would you want to use an old 26wpc Marantz receiver that probably didn't sound all that great when it was brand new? Just use the Rotel until you can get something better. 

Russ69, I personally think the Marantz 26 wpc sounds excellent and so do many others, I'm in a condo and can't crank it up anyway but this receiver is crystal clear.

Thanks for the responses

I'll play around and have a little fun.

Do have a little fun.

Maybe there is an audio store around with used equipment that they might let you take home to demo?

Never know what you might learn about what you like...


You should try a pair of Quicksilver mono amps.

It's the best 25 watts you will ever hear.