Which device to stream Tidal MQA

I’ve tried to find some info on this. Which has better sound for portable music?
Dragonfly Red or Ifi Nano IDSD black to iPhone or 
Hiby R3
To stream Tidal music and listen to MQA files.
I am using Dragonfly Blue with my iphone pro playing Tidal downloads to the phone sounds great
I think your best option is going to be the Tidal app on  your phone.

LG makes some audiphile friendly, quad dac phones you should listen to.
I use a Dragonfly Red out of my iPad into my HIFIMAN HE400S ‘phones, and I find it to be very neutral and open with good tonality end excellent imaging, air, and dimensional out-of-the-head soundstaging. I’ve read some reviews of the Nano, and several mentioned it’s slightly on the laid-back side and can make bad recordings more listenable. The Dragonfly won’t do this as much, so from a sound perspective that might make your choice an obvious one depending on what you’re looking for.

As far as other differentiators, the Dragonfly is much, much more convenient and portable, but the Ifi counters with more power and more features. So depending on your use case this could also skew you one way or the other. Hope this helps, and best of luck.