Which Deoxit...?

There appears to be quite a few varieties of this product; can you guys recommended one for cleaning male XLR pins?

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I use the G Series DeoxIT Gold G5 version 5.0 oz. spray can with straw. Great product!
Thanks. I thought that was just for gold contacts...
Deoxit D5 is probably what you are looking for.
I would go to the Deoxit website for the most accurate information regarding their many products.
Yes, the Deoxit D5 is the cleaner to use and Deoxit Gold G100L is the preservative to apply afterward...even if the contacts are not gold.
Deoxit D5 would be a better solution for cleaning used connectors. Some people experienced using as such could change a little bit the sound quality after a couple of months. Worse case scenario could happen with  cleaning products like Walker, Cardas, etc. Therefore it is recommended to clean those contacts/plugs with alcohol right after applying Deoxit.


For cleaning I use MG Chemicals 409B Electrosolve Zero Residue Contact Cleaner.

MG has a UK distribter, as far a I know.

Before the MG I used Kontak (very expensive) and found that the Electrosolve works just as well.

I use D5 for electrical parts and F5 for mechanical parts. For XLR pins I use extra spin-brush dremmel tool. 
Thanks gdnrbob, ivan_nosnibor, michelzay, dekay & czarivey.

How much is Electrosolve? I was also considering Servisol which is about 75% cheaper than DeoxIT. Why the hell is DeoxIT so expensive...?!!

A 12 oz can of the 409B is listed on Amazon-UK for 17 GBP.

Think my last can (California) was $14-$15 including tax.

I have a local shop that carries it, along with the Caig products et cetera.

Nothing wrong with Caig cleaner, other than that for my usage I then have to clean it off with another product.

All I want is a clean connection sans residue, especially in regard to tube pins and sockets.
I use the Caig "Red" for cleaning, then follow up with the Caig "Gold" contact enhancer. 
Sometimes on lower quality equipment I use CRC. It’s available at Lowes home centers $3.xx