Which Davies' Kind of Blue CD sounds better?

Which edition should I buy? It needs to be CD (can read HDCD as well). I read good things about Japanese versions, but don't find them. Saw several versions labeled as "imports" at cduniverse.com, but no more info than that.

Just want to go and buy the better sounding CD.

Thanks much!
If you have a center channel, and can play multi channel SACD's go for the SACD hybrid.
Thanks. It needs to be CD though. Can't benefit from SACD and don't have a center channel. Too bad.
This isn't going to be very helpful for you, but the absolute best CD copy of this album I've heard was a recording of the original mono LP a friend of mine made. This smokes the old Sony Gold CD from the 1990's (which is good, as well). You can hear some slight ticks on it now and then, but it is absolutely gorgeous--full and with nice presence.

Get a $50 sacd player and the sacd version.
Get the Columbia/Legacy 1997 or later reissue. A tape speed error is corrected on the '97 reissue for the first time. Even the original vinyl had one side at the wrong speed. It also includes the one alternate take from the session, a second take of Flamenco Sketches. That's how you can tell you're getting the corrected version.
If you want to stay with CD and not SACD, the Sony Super Bit Mapping (SBM on back of case) is very good in my experience and better than the first re master done on this great work. I can't say if this version is still available as I purchased it many years ago.
Contrarian view. I have both the first digitally remastered CD (much reviled) and one of the last ones (CK64835). I honestly tend to like the first one as well or better. I also have the SACD and 3 LP versions including the two-disk Classic, so I know this thing pretty well. Still looking for the reel-to-reel tape version if anyone out there wants to sell one for less than the current going rate (~ $135). Dave
I have heard all CD and LP versions, including my 47-year-old mono copy, which not surprisingly is the best. The 2-LP Classic is excellent. On CD, Tomcy 6 has it right: the stock Sony Legacy is the one, particularly in view of its affordable price. I must respectfully disagree with Hifimaniac and Dopogue: the SBM is lifeless and the original CD remaster deserves its poor reputation.
Birdies, I agree that the SBM is lifeless, but have you listened to the original CD remaster lately? I first heard it when Pierre Sprey (Mapleshade) and Ron Baumann (inSound/Omega Mikro) brought it to my place a couple years ago with one of their restored Scott amps. I thought they were crazy until we played it. Took me a while to find one, but I'm glad I did.
Dopogue, I'll try to hear the original remaster again. It's been many years, but I have the distinct memory of its disappointing sound on systems from mid-fi to high end. Maybe there were varying batches? Cheers.
Birdies, I had always considered it a loser too, until I heard it again on my current setup. Particularly nice treble, IMO.
Thank you all. Not surprisingly there are different views and that's what makes it rich. At least I have a short list. Let's see what I can find.

The Kind of Blue I spoke of is the Sony Legacy and it uses SBM to mix and to me it is far from lifeless.
Hifimaniac, the Sony Legacy/SBM version you mention (I think!) is okay. That's # CK 64935 if we're talking about the same version. I was referring to the earlier one in the long box (since sold) and probably confused the issue unnecessarily. Dave
Just picked up a copy of the 1997 Sony SBM version of this cd
for 50c and it is far from being a lifeless copy.
It is rather excellent to my ears, everything sounds as clear as a bell and his trumpet really shines soundwise with vibrancy.A thumbs up version IMHO.