Which DAC works best for PS3 and is it posible

I have been told that the PS3 color is superior to many expensive Blue Ray players, but the sound quality seems to lack the audiophile side of things.
My question is can you hook up a dac with audio outputs to the PS3 for better audio quality and if so which one would you recommend.

I don't see much interest in forums on this topic ..... so is the Oppo the best choice here.

If it has a digital out, then yes you can hook it up to a DAC. As to what DAC, it is a matter of opinion/choice.
Well if you want the PS3 for movies, uuse the HDMI to a receiver, then onward to your TV. The Receiver will be able to decode the audio, and pass the video on to the TV, via HDMI.
So ask "what receiver do I want?" not a DAC.
Also a 2 channel DAC will probably NOT be able to decode the digital signal from a Movie... BluRay or DVD. Different Codecs.
The PS3 can downmix multi-channel digital audio to 2 channel and send it out to the DAC of your choice. But in my system, the downmixes generally sound crappy - not the quality of the sound, but the center channel gets so buried in the mix that it can get overwhelmed by other stuff in the mix, and I have to constantly fiddle with the volume. YMMV and all that!
PS3 color superior to many expensive bluray players???? Lets not believe everything we hear.

View my virtual system for information on my PS3 setup.

I do run a 2-channel setup out to a Cary Xciter DAC. It is impressive. Impressive enough that I started to venture off to other little tweaks versus upgrading speakers and components that weren't necessary. I use the optical output as well. I've found it to be quite resolving. You may have to fiddle with your audio output settings a bit but it will work just fine. And Blu-ray? Holy cow is it impressive, even on two-channel. Just get a quality Toslink cable. For any specific questions on how I set my gear up you can email me.