Which DAC w/ More Top to Bottom Extension?

For starters, I've just been trying out an HRT Streamer II+. It's actually a good little USB DAC connected to my computer and my system: Cary A306 amp, Classe CP35 preamp, Mirage OMD28 speakers.

I'm thinking I want something in a DAC with more:

Sonic weight
Treble extension
Bass extension(Oomph)

What DAC have you heard providing more of these around $1000 or so?
I have the Centrance DACmini and with only a few days use and not trying out any other make, may I dare suggest you try it. The frequency extension is great. What bass I had with my Tonian Labs TL-D1s (nice, but soft) now hits like a hammer with great resolution. I swear it seems like it added half an octave. The mids are wonderful as well as the highs. Images, at first, seem to form out in front of the speakers. The noise floor is so low as to seem subterranean. Sharp image outlines and a very black background. All that and it has a great class A headphone input.

It turns out that the CD transport was holding things back. I really didn't expect it to be this good. No add ons (Almarra, Pure Music) and a basic 16' Belkin USB cable ( which shouldn't work as well as it does). And all of this for $795. Some great reviews are due out soon. Wait and see. Or get one now. It will a week before one is made due to demand.
In addition to the excellent suggestion from Nonoise, I recommend the Burson DA160. Really an outstanding unit in my system.
It will a week before one is made due to demand. 09-26-11: Nonoise

No, I ordered a Dacmini from Audio Advisor today and it shipped today. I'll give it a try.
Check the thread of the Eastern Electric Minimax tube DAC about 7 or 8 threads below yours. Have not heard the DAC personally but a well known reviewer e mailed me telling me what a great product it is and its within your budget.
Google for reviews. Happy hunting.
Just get Amarra 2.3.2. Your bass will immediately improve if you are using 64-bit Mac. Playlist mode and cache mode.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I suggest the Ultra Fi DAC-41 using Fidelia with a 2010 or 2011 MacMini (SSD & at least 4 GB RAM) and a miniplat2. The bass and treble extension is remarkable, very musical and detailed. A pleasure and won't break the bank.

:) listening,

Foster 9,

I ordered mine directly from the manufacture. Yours was probably already in stock. Hope you have the same, rewarding experience I had.

All the best,
i just found this thread and was wondering what the outcome was for you with the new DAC. I too have the HRT Music Streamer ll+ and was looking for exactly the same thing sonically as you. I have been enjoying the HRT but was also wondering if it can get even better for near $1,000. My eyes have been on the Eastern Electric Minimax Plus DAC. Above you mentioned you ordered the Dacmini, and was wondering how that worked out for you, or if you have done any other DAC rolling since your last post in this thread? It really helps to have people that actually have owned and lived with (or at least heard) the HRT ll+ to get truly helpful information me thinks. Thanks!
I have heard the Centrance Dacmini, EE Minimax Plus, W4S 2, Dacmagic and I own the Rega DAC. I have heard all in the same system and several in mine. The Centrance is among my favorites along with the Rega, but for bass, this is how I rank them:

1) W4S II has deep bass that really extends more than the other units and retains detail and realism.
2) Rega DAC has a bit less bass, but generally in the same ballpark as the W4S.
3) Dacmagic has very good bass, a bit less detail and snap, but really about as deep as the others. On my friends Vandy 5a's we were very impressed!
4) EE Minimax Plus has less bass, but still plenty for most users. The EE strength is in the HF range for me.
5) Centrance sounds quite lean and is a midrange unit, or rather, it's focus is on midrange, but it's still quite nice overall.

A lot depends on the room and other gear of course, far beyond the DAC's involvement.


Try the firestone spitfire I have for sale for sonic weight and oomph:) It would be a step up from the HRT.