Which DAC to get?

Zanden, EMM Labs DAC 6 or Audio Note 4.1x? Be very interested in any head to head experiences or otherwise general input. TIA
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Musical Fidelity TRIVISTA-21 DAC. Awesome! Go listen to it. It represented the largest positive change for the better in my system.
Very interesting question. I've narrowed my search to the Audio Note and Zanden but unfortunately, neither product can be auditioned in my area. Any AN/Zanden users out there???
A N Interested why you do not include EMM in your finalists.
Here's some head-to-head:
I have also narrowed down my search for a new DAC to these three. The Zanden I ruled because I run my DAC directly into my amp and it's 1 V output would be too low to do dynamics properly. The Meitner is interesting but I have been unable to audition one plus I also have no intention of changing or adding SACD. I have listened to the Audio Note 4.1 Balanced DAC in my house for 1 week(already broken in). It was direcrly compared to a Levinson 36S DAC. My impressions are that the AN 4.1 has something special going on esecially in the midrange. In comparison,the Levinson sounds more refined,focussed,precise,analytical. All music takes on a very slightly etched quality missing with the AN. The comparisons of the AN to analog sound are not far off. My best description would be more organic. It's main selling point,IMHO,is that you end up not listening for audiophile sound qualities i.e. soundstaging,PRAT,timbre,etc.,but just end up listening to the artist and immersing yourself in the music. I really like this DAC. It's only downside(other than price) is that it is large and heavy. Enjoy listening.
Try Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete. Simply the best digital source I´ve ever tried (IMHO better than Dcs Elgar, Audionote 5, Wadia 27ix, Goldmund 39++)